8 6 2014

9:42:03 AM: Okay, I guess I should get going to work soon. Just wanted to write down that I dreamed very extensively of magic. I dreamed about a Green/White creature that had “+1/+1 for each forest or plains you control”. Interestingly my mind seems to generate very plausible random magic cards, and I can even read the text of them in my dreams, they even have plausible looking art and flavor text. Seems as though I have all too many magic cards bouncing around in my brain if I could just make them up like that.

8:25:10 PM: Well, I don’t really know what happened, but it seems like I didn’t get the Genius job, although they provided no feedback whatsoever on why not. I feel so confused because yesterday I felt so confident that I did in fact get the job, but it seems like I didn’t. I don’t know what the hell to think. I guess I just need to forget about it then. I did have a bunch of reasons why that didn’t happen to represent the ideal working situation for me for example the length of the commute.

I think I will practice some tsuki to work out some frustration.

8:38:50 PM: Well, my plan to setup the rolling chair as a target for tsuki did not work so great. I think I should get a proper punching bag at some point. Since I felt frustrated I decided to take the trash out and do the dishes so at least something productive would happen.

8:39:23 PM: At least I wrote to Ethan and he seemed very happy with my proposal, although we haven’t talked about pricing yet. I still have to follow up with Tim.

8:43:15 PM: Well, I texted Tim.

8:43:19 PM: Anyway, today’s mysterious meeting at DBC left me feeling pretty upset. Apparently Tanner will leave at the end of August. I felt like Tanner represented one of the few bright points of working at DBC. Well, not one of the few, I find several or many bright points, but he certainly had a huge role in attracting me to work at DBC and I feel like his lost represents a huge blow. And then after that finding out that I didn’t get the Genius offer kind of sucked. But on the plus side, it sounds like Morgante wants to get me an offer to work at Cafe.com so that could work out well. I don’t really know what to do with myself. Right now I feel especially trapped at DBC, but I almost can’t do anything useful because I have this NT time. I suppose I should use this time to work on the EE curriculum and phase 2 curriculum.

8:45:15 PM: I had a nice conversation with Anna, she sounded quite interested in Cafe.com. I wonder what Maya told her about me. We had a good conversation. I guess she grew up in New York as a kid, her parents had her in China. She just graduated from HBS and has been working with a guy involved with Gilt, MongoDB, and Business Insider.

8:48:59 PM: Josh asked today if something heavy happened in my life, he said “your energy feels different today”. Very interesting. We practiced musha-dori today, which I still find very difficult, but I made some progress today. At the end of the movement one must move their elbow away from their body. On the cross step we must take their balance so that they fall into the lock. Difficult, but doable with some flow.

8:50:18 PM: I wish Daria right now, I could definitely use some emotional support. Maybe I will download some movies for us to watch while she has yoga.

9:14:47 PM: Did a whole bunch of koho seigan nuki and tsuki and now I feel a bit better. I have to act carefully when practicing while upset though. Earlier in class I whacked myself on the right temple with the bo, and today I hit myself right across the face while drawing my katana. Lucky that it didn’t have a sharp edge or I might have given myself a nasty scar. Ah well. Lesson learned, I have to keep my head on the line. I feel as though I have to practice a lot more bojutsu, as that represents a major weakness in my practice. Interestingly Josh says that he has a weakness with bojutsu too.

9:16:18 PM: I really dig this jazzy hop playlist on soundcloud, that definitely makes me feel better, I love soundcloud. I feel a bit hot now, so I think I will take my clothes off again.

9:23:47 PM: Did some pullups and pushups. I feel really impressed with Adam that he managed to pull off a one armed pushup. Also he got a job as the first engineering employee at a startup, super awesome for him! looks like he won’t stay on as a teacher at DBC. Did a bit of yoga too, for that matter. I could probably do with more stretching in my life, and improving my typing posture while at my standing desk.