8 7 2014

5:44:05 PM: Well, here I sit. Not really sure what I’ve done today if anything. I guess I helped Joel get his environment setup with some migrations, and I shared the interview problems from Genius with my woodchucks, so that all felt good. But I also took a nap in the middle of the day, and before that I had a lot of trouble even waking up in the morning in time to meet with Adrian from VentureAssembly.

11:03:05 PM: Okay, so today ended up feeling pretty good. I have really enjoyed reading the book by Santiago Dobles and Tao Semko called ‘Secrets the Gurus will never share’ about kundalini awakening. So far it has a lot of great info that I have corroborated with Dr. Morris’s research. I registered for the KAP class today in October, which I really look forward. Thanks to Daria I had the time to register for that, because it turns out they had a bug in their checkout system that caused it to report that they had already sold out when in fact they didn’t. So I registered early and got the class for just $400. I feel excited to meet with Tao and have my interview with him and review any course materials I get before the workshop.

11:04:52 PM: I had amazing sexual intercourse with Daria today. We both came one after the other, and it felt really good. I have improved a lot in giving head, as has she. Our foreplay has really improved recently and we can consistently forgo having to use any lubrication as she has gotten very wet for me recently. Good times all around.

11:11:49 PM: I think I might just stick at Dev Bootcamp and get really good at Ruby and at Meditation and teach both to everyone that I get to encounter. I think since DBC has fairly high tolerance for my eccentricities I could totally just use it as my base for becoming enlightened. I know I tried to have this attitude before with Sailthru but I think I could truly make DBC into my monastery. Also, I really luv typing on this keyboard, like seriously.

I should write that blog post about how I luv my job because they pay me to luv my students and I would enjoy doing that anyway.

11:13:05 PM: I got an email from Ilan today, the cofounder of Genius, saying he felt sorry that it didn’t work out but that he enjoyed meeting me and reading why works. I told him that I hope we will stay in contact, as I find him a very smart guy. I think that he could help me launch Prosedy one day, which I still highly intend on doing. I suppose that DBC could also work well as a platform for helping me work on my own ideas to some extent. I can certainly use it as a test bed for a lot of my ideas.

I think that I have typed rather quickly recently, so I think that could seem pretty cool.

I can type in E-Prime pretty quickly now, I just have to train my brain to speak in it now. I think it could help if I read my own writing out loud. I think that I should go and read my own writing to myself as it contains a lot of good advice. And maybe I should write a lot more to myself. I think that I write to myself right now, but this doesn’t have the intentional element of programming myself to the same extent that my other writing to myself does.