8 8 2014

11:03:35 AM: So far so good as far as today goes. Started the day off by reading Secrets the Guru Won’t Tell You, then I did the KAP meditation. Then I went out to the park, hung out for a bit in the tree, walked barefoot in the dewy grass (supposedly good for absorbing chi through the feet), did a lot of grounding exercises. Took my shirt off and basked in the sun and absorbed the sun’s energy. Walked around slowly while visualizing my roots. Listened to the sax man that plays in the morning, really love that. Did the energy bone shaking exercise a bit, I think that one will get really awesome once I have practiced it a bunch. Did a bunch of sun salutations. I would like to practice some taijutsu and then get to writing up my new EE curriculum, which I will base around the four elements of the western magician. I think I will enjoy that quite a bit, and I hope that I can start to secretly teach it or not so secretly teach it.

I think I need to come up with a mission statement for what I will do at DBC and that will make it feel worthwhile to me. I will make DBC my monastery, and I will lead all that I can to higher levels of enlightenment.

11:04:54 AM: Waiting for Jon Stowe to connect to this Google Hangout. Maybe he has forgotten. I will wait for him for a little while but not forever. I might go get breakfast if he takes too long. For the mean time I will just wait for him while journaling.

11:07:46 AM: Still no word from Jon. Maybe he has some checkins or something that has held him up? I understand that he has a lot going on, so I won’t get impatient with him. If anything, I get an advantage if he feels bad for ignoring me constantly. Seriously, out of everyone I have had the least time with Jon or Bernado, because I always have something to do with the students, I don’t have time to talk to the higher ups as I have my hands full with my students.

11:08:50 AM: I want to fix everything about the phase 2 curriculum. Right now it has so many issues that I need to fix.

12:15:17 PM: Had a really great conversation with Jon Stowe. Talking to him has really helped me feel better, and I think I gave him really helpful feedback on the space and on Lloyd. I think that I will get a raise from him if I do things smartly. He mentioned that compensation could get fixed, so that makes me feel hopeful. He said that a disproportionate number of students said that they favorited me as a teacher, which I feel pretty great about. He said they feel like I really form a solid connection with them and that they feel that I really connect with them as a coach and mentor and that I feel present. I sure try to!

1:29:30 PM: Did a set of five tibetans, and a bunch of other exercises from this book. I think that I will have to convert a lot of the content in this book into wiki articles as they have a lot going on and I need to absorb it. A lot to take in, that book will take several readings. A lot of great info in there, even though the book functions as a sales mechanism for further products it already has so much in it that I feel like I could really go far just following. I feel really excited for the workshop, as I expect I will learn so much that I could teach at DBC. That nauli breathing looks insane, if I could do that people would definitely pay attention to what I have to teach.

2:17:53 PM: Finished the book, although I sort of skimmed at the end.

3:22:43 PM: Super long meeting ahoy!