8 9 2014

2:09:25 PM: Feel slightly silly because last night after the meeting and Daria went out to Catbird I smoked some DMT. Had a great time with that, but afterwards I didn’t do anything. Got too high and ate too much, pretty much wasted a night that I could have spent doing productive activities.

2:10:01 PM: Today the city closed a bunch of major roads to car traffic, so Daria and I walked up Lafayette and 4th ave to Trader Joe’s which had very few people in it and we got some much needed items like non-fluoride toothpaste.

2:13:28 PM: Going to go hang out with Monica and her friend Christina and Jon Gottfried for a little while. I think I will have a great time. Daria has gone with her Hacker School friends to see Childhood, which will take two and a half hours, so I will have plenty of time to do my own things.

5:08:07 PM: Met Christina and Molly and had a great time at Arturo’s. They have good pizza there. And then we went off to Victory Garden for some delicious goat milk ice cream.