9 1 2014

7:01:22 AM: Dreamed about going on some sort of hiking trip with my family, or just preparing to go anyway. Dreamed about putting some money in Priscilla’s bank account. Dreamed about visiting a couple’s apartment and watching an anime series and playing some sort of game with the boyfriend, who treated his girlfriend very badly but I didn’t want to cause a scene a standup against him in his own house especially since she just seemed very embarrassed and didn’t want any trouble. Then I thought about having to piss and as a result I awoke at 7 just as I planned. So now I have to iron out what I want to get done when I get up at 7. I think I want to do KAP.

7:45:25 AM: Good KAP meditation today. Not superbly strong, but still happy to have done it first thing in the morning. I feel nice and awake right now and I feel good. Great way to start the day.

7:59:46 AM: Practiced koho seigan nuki and tsuki. Also a little annoyed at the occasional unreliability of this wiki. Silly meteor. Not sure what to do about it. Maybe use Angular?

8:03:47 AM: Pullups and a set of pistols.

10:47:39 AM: Lecture priorities: using jQuery to do AJAX with Sinatra. Using OOJS to do JavaScript racer.

11:18:19 AM: Okay, feel like I have a lot of lecture materials to prepare, but I think I have ample time. I just overestimate how long things will take.

4:04:10 PM: Day going pretty well I would have to say. I think I gave satisfactory lectures that covered a lot of important points and most importantly I prepared a lot of code in preparation so that they could refer to something and I showed them a lot of live coding. Making soylent at DBC seems like a pretty awesome strategy so far. I think I will bring in more packets so that I don’t run out here. I wish that fridge cooled a little faster as the soylent I have here feels a bit warm still. Also, I don’t get why the soylent clumps so much more now.

9:33:29 PM: Ah, Aliza. What to do. I feel very horny right now, I keep having close brushes with temptation. Daria came quite hard from the sound and look of it and the feel of it really, we got high before hand, that always helps. I didn’t come, and her handjob felt rather rough so I didn’t come from that either. Now I don’t know quite what to do. Maybe some sex magick.

9:42:58 PM: Well, I already checked off conserve energy so I will conserve my energy tonight. I will simply do some practice until the feeling passes and then study the ninja book until I fall asleep. Gotta get up bright and early again tomorrow.

9:46:07 PM: Okay, some working out always does wonders for clearing the head. I feel as though maybe I could do the KAP meditation again tonight, but I feel like I would have a better time if I just did it in the morning again.

10:13:21 PM: Did a bunch of tsuki and koho seigan nuki. Feel much better now, very refreshing. Meteor just did a weird thing where I lost a bunch of my writing again. Started to feel a bit wary of this. Maybe a warning not to reveal certain techniques in writing, very well then.

10:41:41 PM: 7/22, not great results with the ESP trainer, but something. Very interesting to me that a man as smart as Russell Targ has devoted so much research to ESP. I think I will investigate it and cultivate it as we can always use a new ability.