9 10 2014

7:01:15 AM: Dreamed about strange kinds of police involvement at DBC like they would intervene in our cleaning situations and Lloyd and Nikola got grabbed up. Dreamed that I went home and dad looked at some old newsletter that I put out that had a column named ‘FTW’. Dreamed I played a suped up version of dungeon crawl in VR that looked really awesome. I had a female and male companion, Mark played the male companion. Dreamed I went biking with Mark. Dreamed dad did some fussing over some soccer photos. Dreamed that I stayed at some house and wanted to hang out with Kevin Zhou, phoned him and asked what substances we could do together.

8:36:13 PM: Okay, wow, didn’t journal at all today until now it seems. Interesting class today Akkis, Keno, Nicole, Kosky and I all showed up. We practiced hicho-no-kata and kicking and this interesting movement I don’t know the name of where we receive an attack by bringing our arm onto the line and we affect their spine. The hanbo style technique. I wonder if Josh has decided to do some preparation for the Kaceminar given that he knows the theme.

9:30:14 PM: Okay, well, I guess I paid the price of using cutting edge software just now, but I didn’t have that much down time just now. Everything seems to work okay except for autocomplete but now I can make my own damn autocomplete package.

10:50:47 PM: Cool, now everything works great. Things haven’t worked this great in such a long time. OMG yes.