9 11 2014

12:16:31 AM: Alright, good day, time to sleep.

12:22:05 AM: I guess since I seemed to power through that peak tiredness thing and need to get back to it I will journal for a bit before I head off to bed. Definitely seems like Nicole likes me, and I like her. She seems to pick up taijutsu pretty quickly. She had on a “classically trained” shirt today, I wonder what that represents. She definitely seems like she has the right attitude to do well in this dojo. Maybe I managed to find her. I wonder what her ring represents though. That said, I have a relationship too. Tricky tricky.

12:23:26 AM: I feel excited for the kaceminar, I need to check in with Nikola tomorrow and make sure I can leave early. I feel good about my preparation for tomorrow. I will rock these assessments and actually give people great feedback and use this as a time to really get to know them and help them. Like a boss.

6:52:14 AM: Dreamed about teaching Sim City at Dev Bootcamp.

7:47:29 AM: Strange how much time I still have. It looks so dark out this morning. I would like to see the sun today. If the sun doesn’t come out I think I will take the subway to work. I wish I had made soylent yesterday, as well. I guess I don’t have a breakfast right now.

7:49:00 AM: Well, I guess I feel awake for the most part. The temptation to return to sleep has passed.

8:03:49 AM: Tsuki, koho seigan nuki, nukiuchi. Nothing like some taijutsu in the morning to get the blood flowing.

7:38:09 PM: Weird, doesn’t seem like autosize likes it when U first load a page. I think I will have to find that and fix it. Anyway, I fixed it so that I can restore the view and that works great. I just wish that autosave wouldn’t occasionally mess things up, but I don’t know if I can ever fix that entirely. I don’t know of a way to make this a nonreactive datasource. Or do I… if I do it unintentionally I probably could. Interesting. Well, I will have to consider that a bit.

8:45:21 PM: Made a mutually beneficial trade with Mike, and showed him some kenjutsu. Practiced some more koho seigan nuki and nukiuchi.