9 13 2014

8:48:37 PM: Ugh, seriously? Nothing I typed earlier got saved? Seriously messed up.

8:49:18 PM: Well, fine, I guess I will retype a bunch of stuff. Seems like autosize doesn’t work again… which I find bothersome. Like, what on earth has it decided to do?

8:50:35 PM: My wiki has started acting so weirdly. I don’t understand. Too bad I lost everything that I typed up, but I guess I will do it again, and I will journal for the last day too since I missed that.

8:51:20 PM: So I ended up waiting almost 50 minutes for James Keno, but I played it cool. I had a good time waiting in Brooklyn for him since we had such great weather. First thing he tells me when we hit the road: “So I smoke marijuana” to which I happily replied “So do I.” So I end up smoking a hit out of his one-hitter, and get super blazed as he apparently smokes some good stuff.

9:05:24 PM: Okay, well, autosize seems to work better now, by a bit. Yeah, seems fine. A little extra margin at the bottom, but I guess I don’t mind? It seems to weirdly resize once in a while when it doesn’t need to, let me just try to not go insane here for a moment.

9:20:43 PM: Well, seems like autosize doesn’t work because of flowtype, which frankly I find a bit ridiculous. So, not really sure how to deal with that yet.

10:05:15 PM: Well, seems as though I have perfectly fixed it. Like a boss. Feel good about that.

10:05:37 PM: James has a 5 year old daughter named Elizabeth, that he had with Natalie. Natalie caused him a lot of grief and got pregnant with Elizabeth just two months after moving in with him. Apparently she lied about taking the pill, and tried very hard to control James. It now costs him a lot of moving in child support and court fees and such to fight Natalie. I guess she needed a green card badly and didn’t want to wait for it.

10:07:02 PM: First thing James asked me when I got in the car (after waiting over 50 minutes for him, but I didn’t mind because I had a great time in the great weather we had): “So I smoke weed” So we got high on the way up, great times. James has a great way with service people and women in general, very admirable in my opinion. When we went to Uno together we ran into Kacem, Darryl, and Jason there, a pleasant surprise. So I got to eat dinner with Kacem, very cool.