9 14 2014

6:47:08 PM: Another great seminar day, and Keno conveniently dropped me off at my apartment, very nice of him. I thanked him for everything he taught me during this journey.

9:04:59 PM: So here I stand. After giving Daria an epic orgasm and then having one of my own, I have come to find myself alone once more. I feel very encouraged by this week’s seminar to press ahead and improve. I think that tonight I will practice tsuki so that tomorrow I can do the techniques (I hope).

10:38:03 PM: Did a bunch of DBC stuff, which I feel good about. I think I will practice that tsuki movement a whole bunch more.

10:55:14 PM: Alright, I think I have a decent intro written up for tomorrow. I will just have to practice it a bunch of times until I get my delivery really smooth. That should go great. I will invoke Hermes tomorrow before hand so that I get that extra communicative oomph.

11:14:28 PM: Feel pretty good about myself right now, considering all the cool stuff I have fixed and how well my wiki works right and just a lot that has gone right recently. Excited to get to review the seminar material tomorrow with Josh, it will seem super cool.