9 15 2014

7:47:10 AM: Dreamed about Kacem and Josh teaching us some techniques for one on one training. Dreamed I lived in a big messy apartment that I needed to clean up, one of my jobs involved running some parking meters so I would have to go and collect the money from the meters. I got into a debate with my dad in the dream over something silly involving religion and at one point really lost my cool and stormed out.

8:35:27 PM: Okay, so much that I could do that would make things better, I just need to get some of these thoughts off my mind so I can get back on track. After all, I have a ton to do, especially with taijutsu training. I think that I need to go make a trip to New Hope martial arts quick. I will check my bank account and decide how much money I can invest into my practice right now.

8:52:40 PM: Birthday present idea: messages from Josh so that Daria can get her shoulders fixed, I think that could prove pretty awesome.

9:13:48 PM: Ooh, wtf, really achy balls right now. Did I eat something spicy yesterday? Wtf.

10:14:40 PM: Just bought almost $500 worth of Datsusara gear. I think I will find it worth it. I have learned that I find it very important to invest in my interests. That way my interests will pay interest, so to speak.

11:03:09 PM: Good conversation with Daria. I feel like she has a lot to complain about at Columbia and that staying there gives her that kind of mindset. I hope I will still like her after she has stayed there for a semester. Curious to see if she will change after staying in a Sorority for a while. Interesting thought.

11:04:34 PM: Found some good music again. Thanks to that Eliot guy. I should check in with Kevin Zhou and see how he has done for himself.

11:06:14 PM: Did a bunch of tsuki, practiced some uke. I have a lot of fundamental movements to practice, I have now noticed. Did some practice with Tenacity too, just some koho seigan nuki and some tsuki. Did some pistols, a bunch of stuff on the bar. I should probably do some tricep dips.

11:42:11 PM: Got in some good time with the reading glasses and started reading Path Notes again. I really keep finding new depth in it every time I read it and I feel really thankful to Dr. Morris for writing such a wonderful scroll. I hope to uncover all of its secrets, and I hope to meet Dr. Morris again in the dream realm. I feel happy to know that soon I will meet Tao Semko, who Dr. Morris spoke so highly of in his writings.

11:43:19 PM: And now, time to do some KAP meditation and then sleep.

12:24:03 AM: Good meditation but I had week concentration today, and I stopped before the end because an itch really got to me, and I kept receiving texts from Daria during the meditation. I don’t mind, I will press on later.