9 16 2014

7:06:09 AM: Dreamed about Josh, Kacem, a bunch of the taijutsu guys, Daria and lots more. Also Shiraj, interestingly. I remember scavenging through abandoned houses with Dad, we found an imitation gun, we really wanted to find a real gun or some batteries. We had to hide from cars and such. I remember editing some code with someone (maybe Steven?) and remarking that it reminded me of Dwarf Fortress and then suddenly it became like a real life version of sim city that we lived inside of. I remember having sex with Daria under some kind of strange table and nearby Shiraj having sex with some other woman. I remember playing some sort of new variation on League of Legends, I used Ezreal and I could shoot my ultimate a lot of times. I remember getting destroyed in Utopia. I remember a part with alcoholic drinks a rather fancy party. I tried to go to the bathroom without my shoes before I remembered.

8:25:34 AM: Dreamed about crashing some poor beautiful woman’s wedding reception with a friend who reminded me of Barney Stinsen.

10:02:11 AM: Good lecture today, and glad that I barely made it on time due to my quick thinking in the morning. Disappointed in myself for not just getting up right away in the morning. I suppose I should start using that light lamp to help me get up.

4:05:44 PM: What the fuck? It seems like someone keeps killing my meteor processes in my server? I might have to change my password and lock them out at this point, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

11:35:23 PM: Oh my god. What a relief to come home to here. Jesus. Yes.

11:53:59 PM: Overall, good day now that I have the issues resolved. I think I should carefully consider the size of projects that I take on while at work, because I could not handle the break down of my server while at work. Also I should learn to tolerate Katherine having fun while coding.

11:54:59 PM: Class today with Cameron and James went okay, we worked on seminar techniques that we couldn’t really do, then on some kihon happo that I still have trouble with and we did them the cameron style, which I always find interesting because they require a good sense of kizushi and timing.

11:55:45 PM: Mostly glad just to have fixed this server and having my website back online with no loss of data, I seriously felt worried for a moment. But I also felt oddly not that attached to losing all my writing, which I think indicates a level of emotional maturity. I kept pretty calm during this whole thing and carefully thought my way out of it. Overall I feel pretty good about this all. I will now go sleep deeply and rest well and aspire to inspire my students tomorrow.