9 17 2014

7:02:13 AM: Dreamed about playing soccer (we won the game). I made a joke to Will Werner that I worshipped Cthulhu and he rejoined that he worshipped a meat tree. Our coach looked like some women who sounded kind of bitchy. Originally in my dream I thought I had to play on a professional basketball team, but somehow I ended up playing soccer instead. I remember scoring the winning goal of a game. I remember going with Daria to a rich man’s house where she worked as a sugar baby, very strange. Except that he didn’t have a good time. I remember going to a football game and sitting down next to Eugenia O’Kelly after moving back a row to sit with OHS friends. I remember going to a party and Maya Lewis showed up with a very cute little kid in tow. She looked very small, probably more so than in real life? I remember not checking out of this crazy hotel where I could order a bunch of food items involving ice cream, and they charged me extra because I didn’t sign out twice in a row.

7:56:11 AM: Okay, great start to the day so far, I think I will walk to work? Or maybe I should take the subway, not sure yet. Yeah, let’s walk to work, I need the sunlight.

10:54:06 AM: Nice walk to work and yoga. I discussed taijutsu with Whitney for a bit, I found that pretty fun. Gave a lecture on activerecord, which I think went okay.

9:48:55 PM: Okay, I suppose I can always come back here and journal in order to prioritize what I should do next. I suppose I should upload the rest of the recovery files up to the server and also clean those files up. Man, Daria really likes to complain sometimes, I don’t know what to do about it except ignore her really.