9 18 2014

7:00:54 AM: Dreamed about taijutsu again. I remember helping out some new students, and also learning some new forms. Very happy to have these taijutsu dreams, so let’s keep them coming. Also dreamed that I bought a set of glasses with a video game console inside as a way of playing games with my parents knowing. Had a very erotic recollection of a woman deepthroating which I guess I observed in third person. Not the prettiest blond, but eh. I think she worked as a call girl. Dreamed about playing some game that resembled baldur’s gate. Dreamed about eating some kind of strange fruit plate with Josh Hickman and someone I didn’t recognize I think.

11:50:52 AM: Gave a lecture on sessions today, and I got into doing some stuff with.

7:42:29 PM: So… had a good time seeing Randall. He came into Dev Bootcamp for DBCx without really knowing what the event entailed, so I walked back home with him and we went to Kati Roll Factory which I enjoyed quite a bit. I had a chicken tika roll.

8:44:17 PM: Alright, did some practice with Tenacity. The usual koho seigan nuki and tsuki. Today I tried holding tsuki for a while since Dr. Morris mentioned that the kamae worked as asanas. Very interesting.

8:44:49 PM: My oculus rift arrived, which I find really exciting, although unfortunately I can’t install the runtime yet so I haven’t gotten a chance to really play with it yet, but I have confirmed that it does actually turn on. I hope to get some coolness with that.

8:45:22 PM: Still feeling some residual tension over the email that I sent to Jon, and I feel happy that Rebecca supported me because I need some support with this. I feel like I have spoken out in behalf of Nikola. I still don’t trust Lloyd. I feel like he wanted me to have NT time early so that I could act as the shining example of how to use NT time to the other teachers, but I decided I wouldn’t play along with his plans. I don’t like feeling manipulated and I often feel that way when I interact with Lloyd, so I don’t know how things will turn out but I want to give things a shot

8:46:51 PM: Anyway, really excited for the KAP seminar, really excited for it. Excited to get to meet Tao over skype too.