9 19 2014

7:03:07 AM: Dreamed that I went to an OHS reunion somewhere in Ohio. I think Emily Ross, Jake Schepp, and Calvin showed up. Confusingly so did Andy and Levi. After the non-smoker went to bed we all got together to start smoking pot. We played some kind of game that reminded me of world of warcraft. I had to share a bunk with some guy I didn’t remember and then decided we didn’t have enough space for both of us so I went to find a place to sleep somewhere else. Maya Lewis didn’t show up yet, but we could have gone to pick her up.

1:38:01 PM: Had a great lunch from Milk Truck, awesome. Listened to Steve and Sam talk a lot about cars. Gave a great lecture today, I hope. I had some nice code samples for them to look over, so I think that went fine. But I need to move that code out of that repository, because WieldyWiki doesn’t have anything to do with that. But I think I will do WieldyWiki using Meteor next time. Looking forward to getting my Sandman comics and reading a ton of that this weekend, have a pretty clear weekend for once. I need to make sure to withdraw a bunch of cash tonight so that I can bring enough cash to GNK to cover the 6 month payment.