9 2 2014

8:10:21 AM: In my dream I had apparently made an inquiry with a karate dojo and they sent me a sample video of two malnourished looking african children sparring. The email they sent had a lot of grammar and spelling errors. I politely replied but declined. Then I remember going to a party on top of some kind of hill where we had a lot of interesting equipment to climb on, a lot of interesting structures. I saw Randall and we played frisbee. Some coworker from Sailthru showed up and we began flirting and I told her that I never saw her drunk while at Sailthru. Unclear to me who. Before that I dreamed that I had written a book that had one part of an instruction manual on how I write english, and another part autobiography. I remember some kind of school situation where the students had to fend off zombies together.

5:35:29 PM: Interesting day so far. Woke up at 8 so I didn’t get to do a lot of my morning routine, but still felt good this morning as I got to do yoga with Whitney. Always enjoyable. Had my stored up soylent for lunch, I think I should bring in a pack tomorrow to replenish. I like this new book I got, I find it very nice. Excited to go to taijutsu today, I have felt like I haven’t had class in a really long time. Excited especially for tomorrow’s class to see Josh again.

8:34:40 PM: Whew, interesting day. Feel pretty worn out after Taijutsu but I have a lot to do still, so I will get to it. I feel like I should do more work when I go to work, like if the students don’t have any questions for me I should still focus on giving them feedback any way that I can.

9:21:49 PM: After reading that EE session involving Lloyd I felt pretty weird. I found that pretty uncomfortable to read, but I also feel uncomfortable knowing that Lloyd used hypnotic suggestion to screw me out of a proper salary at DBC. But now I have what I feel like I deserve, so I feel good about that. If anything, I have a lot of stepping up to do as I have clearly too much time at DBC.

9:22:48 PM: I think I will do a little bit of work with Tenacity.

9:23:32 PM: Useful class today with James and Mike and Anthony. James and Mike always mess around a lot but they pretty much taught me a lot of everything and still have so many good points. I have to remember that James has a black belt and I only have a green belt. Mike showed me how I need to keep my head on the line and I keep messing that up. Seems like when I try to turn my head I end up moving my shoulders up, feels like I need to stretch my neck a whole lot. Also I need to work on not sliding with my tsuki, keeping the back heel down. Keeping my head on the line during tsuki.

9:54:18 PM: Whiling some time until Daria calls and I can get to doing the KAP meditation and probably sleep? I feel pretty tired and I think I will try to do yoga and taijutsu again tomorrow so that’ll feel like a stretch.

11:12:02 PM: Wow, super powerful KAP session today. I have sweat all over my body and I still feel shivers running through me. I felt like at one point I figured out how to breathe and cause shivers and that constituted pulling energy. I feel as though we can pull in energy using our hair as attractors or straws to suction in energy. No wonder hair has a connection with energy then, and that some animals can generate so much energy. I will have to investigate this more. A lot of sensation in this session, I like this setup of sitting on the wooden chair in front of the laptop I find it very conducive. Now I feel rather energized so I think I will read for a while and workout a bit more before bed. Good stuff.