9 20 2014

9:03:53 AM: I dreamed of people working on games for DBC presentations. DBC presentations taking place in some other building and room. I dreamed of crawling down some kind of manhole on the way to go somewhere. I dreamed of showing a friend around a new campus and showing him all the good stoner spots with all the good food. I think he came from the whoolly bears? I dreamed of Sarah. I dreamed of selling people marijuana while demos happened. Very strange.

9:51:58 AM: So how do I prioritize this weekend? I have some time to work before I go to the picnic and then come back for GNK. I just have to withdraw a little bit more cash in order to pay my dues, so that should workout fine, I think I finally planned for it in advance well enough. I guess I will do some coding on Self-Mastree and then go to the BBQ? I thought my appointment with Tao happened today, but actually it will happen a week from today.

11:19:01 AM: Practiced some kenjutsu. Started doing the sword draw forward from tsuki, which I find really cool. Thanks Kacem for that bit of inspiration. Did tsuki and tried holding it again, definitely a nice workout to hold kamae like Dr. Morris alluded to.

1:22:49 PM: Did a lot of programming today, which I quite enjoyed. Self-Mastree has come along quite well, I think I need to start using it regularly to figure out the fixes I need to make. I think I will need to display the parent in the drop down list so that I can disambiguate tasks that have the same name but occur in different parents of the tree. Or maybe I could put a hook on the highlight event and just highlight the corresponding task. That could work pretty well. I could try that out. Nice.

1:24:42 PM: I really like my wiki right now. It seems to work pretty damn well, so I feel happy about that. I would like to experiment with making some mobile apps soon, I think I would find that an interesting way to do Meteor, and I would like to use that as one of my proposals for NT time.