9 21 2014

9:31:00 AM: Scary dream in which I dreamed that Mark took a video and during the video dad elbowed him in the face as punishment, and then I decided I had to drop everything and try to fly to Minnesota and intervene. In my dream I had it as far as the airport. Another dream where a bunch of us stayed in a house together, and I went around throwing away all the knives because I felt afraid of one of the people we stayed with.

1:42:52 PM: I’ve got some crazy wrist pain right now for some reason. Had saigon shack with Daria before she left for Columbia this morning. Glad to have Daria back for the weekend, I had a nice time with her. I really enjoyed watching The Sound of Music with her. I do wish I could figure out why my wrists hurt, probably because of how I’ve tried to hold my phone while working on my eyesight. Rather unfortunate, that. Maybe if I use my kindle it’ll work better.

1:44:03 PM: I don’t know if I can actually help morgante much with this project because I don’t know how much I really care and I have a lot of setup to do in order to get this environment setup and I don’t have that much time to work on it, for instance I still have a lot of lectures to prepare for DBC. I still don’t know what to make of Katherine’s feedback. I kind of think that I should just ignore it because it doesn’t seem very useful and she just seems like a high strung person who maybe hasn’t learned how to learn for herself, but I don’t want to dismiss it either, and I can certainly do some live coding.

1:45:55 PM: Had a nice GNK yesterday. Josh actually didn’t want all the cash I brought, which I found nice because now I just have a bunch of extra cash. I think I should probably go to New Hope and get some new weapons or something. I wish I had a better bag to carry them in.

1:54:47 PM: Could I have hurt my wrist during GNK? Unclear.

7:08:21 PM: Pretty good day so far. I gave up on Morgante’s project because I didn’t want to deal with all the setup, and I had other projects I wanted to work on. I pushed a lot of commits today on Ninjstar so that I would have a demo for my students. I will let them vote tomorrow whether they would like me to start live coding from the beginning, or from the middle, in either case I think they will learn a lot about what they need to do in JavaScript racer.

7:09:21 PM: I did a bunch of practice with Tenacity, including koho seigan nuki and some tsuki which I held. I think the idea of holding kamae has a lot of merit. I like recording the practice I do in self-mastree, I find it very pleasant. I think I might work on it a bit tonight. I haven’t worked on this wiki much recently, because I feel pretty happy with it I must say.

7:10:31 PM: Had a lot of really close calls with temptation today. Several times where I almost came but I held it back. I have gotten pretty good at withholding (good hangman word, double hh? weird) orgasms, I must say. Alexis Crystal has nothing on me, as it turns out. A lot of shitty porn out there and I do regret the time I wasted browsing. But at least I conserved my energy. I probably ought to do the KAP meditation at some point, especially after I read some more of Path Notes. I ought to write down more of path notes and systemize it into practices for myself. I still don’t know if I want to order dinner or just have Soylent. Perhaps I should start on the Soylent now and see how I feel. Anyway, I have this idea that women can achieve enlightenment by having seven consecutive orgasms. One for each chakra, the orgasms bring up the energy. Good for Daria that she has now had two in a row. I will have to see if I can make that a regular occurrence and then see if I can break her through to three.

11:38:01 PM: Okay, time for bed I think. I managed to make it through the day and conserve my energy, which I feel pretty proud about.