9 22 2014

7:00:50 AM: Dreamed that I worked as so kind of private eye and that I had investigate a murder that some people wanted to cover up by making it look like a shark attack. The only problem: the victim would have required two sharks to attack simultaneously. I dreamed we filmed a segment of our own news show out of an apartment building window? I dreamed I spent some time with Kevin Z at an apartment. I dreamed I played magic the gathering with someone.

3:01:45 PM: Well, my lecture seems to have gone well today as far as the live coding goes. But it did take quite a while which I find unideal. However, people seem to have liked it, so I guess that works for me. I also gave a lecture on hashes which I enjoyed giving to the Bees. And I got lunch with Jen, good times. She seems to enjoy this phase a lot better. Not sure what coding I want to work on next.

3:39:47 PM: Alright, cool, so I have completed my coding for the day. Awesome. I luv my wiki so much right now. So cool.

8:50:39 PM: Good times at Josh’s class. Felt surprised to see Nicole there before any of the rest of us had arrived. I’d never seen someone gain admittance to Josh’s private dojo so quickly. I suppose he sees potential in her, as do I. She definitely picks up on this pretty quickly. We talked about her piano practice a bit today. She has a recital coming up for her graduate school and she also does some competitions so she has setup a theme for her recital that I found pretty cool. One song involved a story about an incarnation of Vishnu saving the world from getting pulled into an ocean. She has learned a bunch of Debussy’s Preludes and some Schumann too. She also started learning some of Clara Schumann’s music, who I didn’t know wrote any music. Interesting. James showed up too. He asked in the elevator if I knew how to sell software libraries, seems like he has a project he might like to make some money from.

8:53:31 PM: I really like Sandman so far… definitely seems like Gaiman has studied his occult history as I spied an Aleister Crowley reference.

8:54:55 PM: I think I will slowly phase out Todoist. If I can’t count on the sync to work right, then I don’t see much point in using it. I have to rely on my tools and I can’t use something I can’t rely on. So I will work on Self-Mastree and try making it an app so I can use it on my phone. That will require a lot of work but I think I will find it useful. At the very least I will move my daily practices off of todoist and onto eslf-mastree where they belong.

11:08:29 PM: Alright, well, I suppose I shall go to bed now and I will experiment with staying in my other bed in the other room so that I don’t have to setup and teardown the mats here. Efficiency. Maybe I should get rid of the mat eventually? I don’t know for sure. Really enjoying Sandman right now, but surprised at how dark it has become already. Wow. Amazing.

11:09:27 PM: Amused that Tim Keelan had to reach out to me in order to do something that Sailthru’s implementation team should easily have handled. Well, I guess Sailthru probably doesn’t have many developers, and it seems that I had left myself with a good reputation at Sailthru when I left.