9 24 2014

6:39:47 AM: Dreamed I went back to school with my friends from Minnesota. Dreamed that twice I ordered pizzas but they didn’t deliver. Dreamed of playing league of legends with Andy. I dreamed that I bait the enemy team under my towers at level one and we ended up killing a lot of them and using our momentum we very quickly pushed down all their towers on one side of the map and won. Dreamed of a bunch of college students and their RA making lewd jokes in my hallway.

7:56:36 AM: Well, surprisingly it seems like I have finished most of my work. I think I will do some kenjutsu before I head off to work. I will demonstrate some more ajax and jquery by adding ajax delete buttons to the luv stream application.

10:07:23 PM: A most momentous occasion. A very productive meeting with Jacob that I think will open up entirely new universes of knowledge and innovation. The amount of synnergy generated by this evening alone I found well worth a lifetime of waiting. He confirmed for me the physical existence of chi as well as many other interesting factors. I think he has several of the secret ingredients required to make a truly great wiki software and I feel thrilled to host him in my home. A very great moment indeed.

10:12:40 PM: I felt slightly bad for leaving Taijutsu early but I felt a tug that I ought to and I felt that I couldn’t perform the technique we would have practiced anyway and so I happened to have some time to prepare for Jacob coming and I feel so happy that I found him.