9 25 2014

7:17:22 AM: Dreamed I stayed in some sort of old decrepit manor with Kevin and a friend I can’t quite identify but it might have looked like Evan Goodman. I ended up urinating into a toilet in my dream and missing the toilet and pissing on myself which resulted in real life urination. So not a great way to start the day, but I don’t feel too upset. In the manor Kevin and I smoked a fat joint that he rolled and we talked about how we hadn’t seen Death Cab for Cutie in concert but we had seen Postal Service. We lay on a bed together passing the joint around between the three of us. I told Kevin how the last three parties could have turned out late if he hadn’t intervened by providing awesome marijuana for everyone, what a great guy. Evan remarked that he felt cold and that it felt like early spring, yet he wore only shorts and a t-shirt. I remember a dream fragment where I drove somewhere in America with my family and we visited a library that proud said population 1.6k on it and I found it very peculiar. I went to a hackathon like hackRU and I spent a lot of it talking about how crappy on-duty at Sailthru felt. I saw Kristie there. I think I saw Jacob too, he demoed this huge electronic and mechanical contraption he built that looked like a series of switches on boxes. I also dreamed that I went to some huge convention for like games and legos and such and I walked out with a bunch of rare minifigures. I remember a shopkeeper refusing to sell me anything even though he sold Jacob stuff. I remember finding some awesome ninja minifigure. I actually dreamed that I woke up and typed up my dreams like now, but as an intermission between two of my dreams, very interesting. I suppose I have done this enough now that it has gotten integrated in my dream psyche too.

7:20:10 PM: What a fascinating experience doing tai chi with Jacob. I very strongly felt the energy today throughout my body and I could very easily feel how I could shape the energy with my hands and body motion. A very transmoative experience overall. I have decided today that I must pusue a study of tai chi with some seriousness as it seems like more so than yoga it fits my constitution, perhaps because of my chinese ancestry. I feel excited to combine the traditions of the east and the west in my quest for the great work.

7:21:49 PM: I had a really great experience in EE today where I connected with Alex, Francisco, and Nicolle I gave them the feedback that I want more connection with them and that I hope.

7:22:54 PM: I think what Josh said yesterday contained much profoundness. First we must stop the person in uke, and having established that moment of connection we can then flow. So he has started to feveal the secrets of water, but of course those secrets have grounding in the earth. So still I have much work todo on the plane of the earth, but I hope that soon I will flow into water. And it seems that I will encounter the most difficulty there but after that I should have an easier time with fire and air, and then I hope to achieve emptiness.