9 27 2014

1:11:19 AM: Hard on myself because I want to tsuki better.

7:25:33 AM: Dreamed I taught some yoga as part of a programming exercise at DBC.

9:00:43 AM: Dreamed the turtles and I rode on a train and that we tried to work on the train. A lot of people had trouble with the wifi although it worked for me. Vividly recall Sarah within my dreams. Rebecca asked me for help as she also came along on the train ride. I also remember trying to convince Andy to come to a hackathon that Kevin Z and I went to. I remember having to sort through utensils from a house we lived together in like hightower.

1:18:06 PM: What a great day. Got a bunch of great fresh food from the farmer’s market, including a great deal on honey. And then I met Billy and some other friends from the Temple of Thelema. I think I will try to attend their event on October 5th and meet some more of the temple members and see what vibe I get from them. I liked Billy, despite his subtle digs against the OTO (although to speak honestly, I felt like the OTO looked middle age and flabby, like they didn’t really exercise their True Will). Billy and Enrico looked like they had their shit together and I liked the aesthetic I saw at the ToT. What a beautiful day out today.

6:45:42 PM: Good class with James Light, Josh, and Nicole today. We went over a bunch of techniques related to that receive we do with the sword where the arms come up straight and up. Apparently that has a deep relationship to mae uke that I don’t understand. I will go with Jacob to a dinner with his friends and then I will head over to Dan’s housewarming. And I will have a lot of adventures. Good times.

6:55:38 PM: Haha, Jacob has a lot of phone calls of the time. Also I felt a bit surprised that he hadn’t left yet. And I guess he gives everyone the same spiel. He will definitely do well as an entrepreneur. Anyway, I think I will read about the OTO for a little while right now since I’ve got some time to kill while I wait for him to have this phone call.

11:26:49 PM: Billy gave me an interesting Tarot reading today. I asked how I would find friends who would aid my spiritual progress. By friends I really meant a lover. Ace of Swords, Princess of Swords, and Two of Wands. Under two of wands I had the 5 and 6 of cups. Apparently the 5 of Cups represents “break-ups” a lot of the time… according to Billy. Interesting subtext there.

11:38:37 PM: Well, I suppose I just wait here. And do my thing.

12:01:34 AM: Feeling like I need a purpose and I need a solid project. I think I should work on making Self-Mastree totally awesome. I don’t care to work on DBC stuff this weekend, as I feel it leaves me a bit burned out during the week, if I got any indication this week.

12:24:13 AM: Observation. It helps a lot when doing tsuki to actually look at the target (duh). Let’s see if that can help our full tsuki too. It can… although my full tsuki still needs a lot of work.