9 28 2014

8:11:42 AM: Dreamed about taijutsu and about teaching. And I think about a train journey somewhere. Oh, and I met Neal Caffrey in a dream and we acted in a movie together. I saw some really sexually explicit images in a magazine that Luke or Priscilla could have seen in the house. I entered a hotel room and two women still lay on the beds in ecstasy from orgasms that Neal gave them. Neal scammed some large corporation out of millions of dollars. Some kind of video game, and someone from the video game company explained the game in terms of MoBA mechanics. Mark played the game pretty well and dad watched him play and critiqued his play like he cared about Mark’s career as a gamer.

8:07:27 PM: Well, a very interesting day. Daria came over and I made her lunch and breakfast. And I gave her a great orgasm to make up for the other night when she didn’t get one due to my durdling. Then I went with Jacob, Andy, and Malcolm to meet Nicholas, I think the first billionaire I have met. It seems that he wants to support Jacob’s venture. I haven’t yet decided if moving forward with Jacob will turn out the right way for me, but I think it could.

8:13:42 PM: Tomorrow I meet with Ruthie for coffee. That could feel fun. I don’t know her too well.

9:59:49 PM: Cool, so I feel pretty good about Self-Mastree at this point. Definitely mature enough that I can use it.

10:22:47 PM: When holding ichimonji and breathing deeply I can really see the aura on my hands, and really feel the qi in my front hand. Very interesting.