9 29 2014

6:59:01 AM: Dreamed about driving around with Reid convington and hearing about his mother’s nitting. About the sim city games, about building legos. He drove me home, basically. On the way we stopped for some soda. He gave me an orange fanta and he picked up a pack of dr. pepper along with a lighter from a little mom and pop bodega on the way. We dropped Derek off at this fancy looking mansion with a lot of black people in it. I dreamed about a serial killer who kept coming back to life, and UFOs. The serial killer turned off the lights in my family’s house and setup a bunch of trip wires all over the place. He removed his victim’s head. He used to act in movies and had quite a successful career, until people figured out that he would play the part of his victims before killing them. He had an insane delusion that by collecting enough body parts he could become permanently immortal… but he did keep coming back from the dead. Except that I finally removed his head from his body, preventing him from coming alive again. He tried to kill Priscilla and I killed him for it.

10:54:52 AM: Wow, so that tarot reading that Billy gave… Ace of Swords represents the idea graph idea, right now a pure seed of thought. Jacob, the King of Swords, fiery thought. He provides the passion in intellectual projects. 10 of Disks, Wealth, obviously represents Nicolas Berggruen. The Princess of Swords represents Ruthie Nachmay (apparently a close friend of Eric Weiser! she studied anthropology and film production at Princeton and then attended flatiron school, she works at Fundera, a market for small business loans), the “competition” and “money” represent the donation I made to her marathon. Lastly 2 of Wands, dominion refers to my dominion. 5 and 6 of cups, disappointment and pleasure (subtext from yijing, work on the spoiled) represent my making amends to Daria for her missed orgasm. Boom. Wow. So he gave me a general reading, since the original question I asked, “How can I meet friends who will support my spiritual progress” he answered already by telling me to join the Temple of Thelema. Pretty convincing. Given the tarot power Billy demonstrated I will certainly investigate the order.

9:42:41 PM: Well, interesting enough day today. People seemed to get the Twitter stuff pretty well, all things considered, so I feel pretty happy about that. I think the security lecture went pretty well and I kept it under a good amount of time. Got a lot of coding done while at work, which I appreciated. Felt a bit bad because Katherine has really started to rub me raw with sitting next to me constantly. It has caused me to start withdrawing from outside sensory input while at work because I find her distracting. I would like to talk to her about her effect on people around her trying to work. Anyway, good class with Josh today. He got pretty snappy with David Kosky today, but David really has some shit form. He has evidently lost quite a lot of ground. Mike and I got in a good amount of training though.

9:45:10 PM: I received a LONG email from Ethan which I have replied to saying that I will need a little while in order to write a longer reply. I don’t know that I consider Jacob’s project necessarily the right one for me, but I will basically ask him for my ideal job and see if he wants to give it to me. If I could have a lot more time to practice taijutsu and go to class, cut out my commute and get to work on interesting problems, then I think I could enjoy it. So I will just play hard to get in the mean time and see what he offers.

9:46:39 PM: I feel kind of annoyed with Daria. I don’t especially enjoy hearing her complain about school, and I guess she didn’t feel too happy with her homework grade from today. She keeps griping about in place quicksort when she has the entire internet available to help her. I don’t really know what to do. Ah well.

12:26:58 AM: Finally done coding for the night. I feel as though I have gotten a lot done, since this self mastree thing works really well.