9 3 2014

6:23:13 AM: Dear Aliza, well, I feel awake. I got up at 6, or a bit before six, because I felt itchy all over. And then Daria texted me to let me know that she can’t sleep either, so I decided to just get up. I think this signals a fundamental change in my attitude and perspective. I actually feel excited about all I want to do and have gotten up in the morning to do this. Feels good to know that with Daria away I feel like I can get up as early as I want to. I will read some email and catch up on some internet quickly (although I have already done enough catching up on internet) and then I think I will do the KAP meditation.

7:03:27 AM: Started KAP meditation but stopped suddenly. For some reason I don’t feel like going through with it right this moment, maybe I anticipate how intense it can get. Maybe I should start to do it on my own without instruction because that would allow me to go through a full cycle in a much shorter time. I stopped at my solar chakra.

7:42:14 AM: Anyway, still feeling good about the morning. I did just a few sets of koho seigan nuki and tsuki with the understanding that I will do a lot more taijutsu this evening at class. I have to remember to bring Josh back the scroll case today. I think I will pack up soon. I feel a bit yawney, but I feel like when I get some sunlight I will perk up.

10:09:40 AM: Nice yoga class today with Whitney. And I cleared up some stuff with her, so in the future when we work on basics like bridge I can just go ahead and do full wheel, she says I should just bring my practice. I feel good. Looking forward to tactical with the teachers today. Feel good about connecting with Raphael, and with some of the whoolly bears this morning. Raphael wants to find remote work because he needs to return to Brazil when he finishes DBC.

10:11:17 AM: I feel pretty cool about how Dave Hoover gest to have a meeting at the whitehouse, pretty exciting in my opinion. I really appreciate that Nikola did this MVC lecture.

9:42:48 PM: I suppose I should journal or something. I feel pretty worn out tonight, I think I will have to sleep soon. Let’s see. I walked to work this morning, that felt good. Good tactical today, I felt like it went well. Jon showed up for a little bit. Chad’s back in the office today. I felt a bit uncomfortable with how nakedly Hillary asked for help on a code challenge that she had. Pretty unethical. Makes me wonder. But no point in speculating. Of the challenges she did do it seems like Drew basically did them for her. Like he actually drove. I don’t know what the hell to think of that. Anyway, I contacted Lexi to get the problems fixed and followed up with Hilary. So I think I did the right things.

10:06:13 PM: Class today… haha, I feel like Josh had intended to lay a trap for the new students or something because he changed the location suddenly and apparently didn’t expect both of the new students to show up? But I went to the wrong place, went to WSQ and then remember that the class got moved to Mercer so I brought them over with me. Showed up pretty late, but whatevs. I worked a bunch with Keno and Kosky today, I think I learned a bunch. I finally learned how jumonji really works, I think. I have to match and get underneath, and then do uke pushing up from underneath which throws them up.

10:44:28 PM: Getting tired of standing. Getting tired in general. Feel good about all the code review I did though. I think I need to check in with Jessica and Nick because they both seem behind. Probably Daniel too, but Daniel has sought help which bodes well for him. Excited about the new assessment format though. Maybe I will KAP meditate now. I think I will do it laying down and use it to transition to sleep.

11:35:41 PM: Wow, really struggling to get through all of KAP today, but I gave it two goes, I think I will call it a night.