9 30 2014

7:01:52 AM: Dreamed about live coding some wiki software for Josh. Forgot a lot of my other dreams in the morning grog. Lost all the detail now, ah well. Yesterday I did the dreaming of two days.

10:07:01 AM: Wow, so close to ditching the PoS todoist for good. Good times. Jacob has asked me to code with him again, idk what to think about that. I kind of enjoy just working on my own projects and building beautiful functional software for myself.

8:55:53 PM: Okay, wow, intense class today just me and Cameron. We got through a lot of good stuff, including two interesting gyokko ryu techniques that he brought back from Japan. We also did hicho-no-kata and fu no kata.

10:07:47 PM: Okay, so this works still? Seems to. Cool, so I’ve started to deploy self-mastree to my server, should turn out pretty damn cool.

11:44:49 PM: Extremely powerful KAP meditation tonight. A lot of energy shivers, a lot of sweating. Felt amazing during the secret smile portion. Good times.