9 4 2014

6:45:37 AM: Dreamt about working for some kind of government agency that tracks the spread of contagion. I remember pointing out a spelling mistake on a big sign at an employer and a female coworker found it really funny, and laughed a lot like she wanted me. I remember tracking a contagion to a huge storage facility for processed foods.

6:52:58 AM: Time to do KAP while stil-l waking up. Okay, so I skipped the secret smile AGAIN. Just really having trouble getting through this whole meditation. I think I need to produce my shortened and more powerful version of this tape so that I can more efficiently go through this process.

10:11:40 AM: Good yoga class again today. Did a lot of myofascial release with the lacrosse balls, which felt pretty painful but also relieving, so I feel good about it. I will give a lecture on security in the afternoon. I look forward to Sarah’s minute exercise demo, I think I would like that very much.

3:59:25 PM: I have decided to follow the Unix philosophy and not manage tasks inside of this wiki, as I find it kind of cumbersome anyway, and it gives me poor access on mobile devices, so I have started to use Todoist which I fully intend on mastering.

10:13:33 PM: Wow, honestly, I feel a bit disturbed after watching 2001. Not quite sure what to think about that. But I did have an insight into my personality. I think Esil is the sun ruled part of my personality, and Isar the saturn ruled part. And I will give both their time.

10:59:19 PM: Wow, late. Time to practice some sword. I kind of wish I hadn’t watched that movie, as I just felt horny and really didn’t need to. I guess it served as a good reminder to feel thankful for what we have. I luv Daria and I will luv to see her tomorrow.