9 5 2014

12:07:48 AM: Meh, good to see Daria I guess, but I feel like we have less and less to talk about each day.

7:05:22 AM: Dreamed about eating pizza with Stefan and some other people from DBC in a house that they lived in together. Stefan wanted to put ketchup on his pizza. They asked me about my favorite movies. I remember that for the final projects people did robotics. I remember that the television played an advertisement for DBC. I remember talking to Lloyd and he told me how Nikola interview his wife Priscilla for a really long time. I remember Lloyd telling me about a woman who did some kind of biology and teaching. I Aaron and Jordan feeling like they didn’t have enough money to keep their houses clean.

7:15:42 AM: Okay, time to do KAP.

11:16:56 PM: Okay, wow. Had amazing sexual intercourse with Daria tonight. She came twice, and then later on she mounted me and I came in her. Best orgasm ever. And she came so hard tonight. Feel so happy about that. And now she has gone back to see Kitkat so I get my space again. I feel as though I have a nice balance now in my life.

11:21:07 PM: Now to practice taijutsu in the rest of the afterglow. So we got a bit bored of 2001 and instead watched a Hatsumi video and got some huge laughs out of it. That man has truly mastered his craft.

11:23:15 PM: I should write Soylent II.