9 6 2014

12:33:16 AM: Okay, well, a very interesting day for certain. I had to leave that open discussion meeting because I felt like people just got stuck on some really contentious issues and I just had to go do something productive rather than participate in that discussion. I would still like to map out more aspects of my horoscope.

1:55:00 AM: Okay, tired, time for bed. For the most part Aleister Crowley’s interpretation of astrology gives me a strong outlook on a lot of planets. I still have to resolve some of the complex internal structure though.

7:37:24 AM: Wow, still pretty early, but I think I might actually sleep in tonight.

7:37:48 AM: Dreamed about dev bootcamp and playing scrabble there. Met a beautiful woman through Dev Bootcamp. Worked a bunch of showing people how to add lots of keyboard shortcuts. Some kind of robotics competition again?

8:50:12 AM: I dreamed that I visited Luke and Priscilla in some new home, and that I kept having problems getting dev bootcamp’s newest fangled authentication theme set up on my computer. Near to the house I stayed with my family in I could see a beach resort where Sailthru had a party. Nearby also a college campus that had sentimental value. I wanted to go take a walk with my siblings but I had to fix the computer problem and come up with all these passwords for strange DBC stuff. I dreamed that in this age all the young people get guaranteed work but the old people all don’t have jobs because of it. I dreamed that Google remembered all these places I had gone and wanted me to associate names with them so I would remember. I remember getting stuck at a giant subway station where one platform had like 6 trains on it. An A train and orange line. Like a more futuristic west 4th. I dreamed of eating some amazing cheese and bread with Monica and Alex Bisker.

10:53:35 AM: Couldn’t concentrate during KAP so I stopped when it got to the third eye and rested some more. I dreamed that people with cybernetic enhancements had to go through extra security due to the terror threat they could pose.