9 7 2014

1:51:47 AM: Just gave Daria a great orgasm again. I conserved my energy.

8:41:29 AM: Dreamed about participating in a drama class where I had gave feedback on Sarah’s performance of a midsummer night’s dream. I played a first person strategy shooter kind of game with mark and luke. I read a book of magic that ended with an illustrated glossary. It had a lot of stories in it.

10:41:22 AM: Dreamed I played an intense game of magic in this house out in the country and then we prepared to go out into the woods to explore.

7:19:30 PM: Okay, did a bunch of my shit, did the dishes. I still want to work on treedo and the idea has evolved a bit, I think I would like to get that working soon.

8:01:02 PM: Okay, back starting to get tired from standing so I think I will switch to reading soon, but I wanted to catch U up. So I had a pretty good day today. I said my farewell to Daria. We had a good breakfast/lunch or I guess just brunch of a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel from Bagel on the Square and we ate it in Washington Square Park. The weather today felt phenomenal, seriously it felt so great outside.

9:35:54 PM: Okay, got interrupted after talking to Daria but I will continue journaling. So today we had a new student join us (Ignacio, Josh, Justin, and Kosky) named Nicole. She had done some fencing before and seemed pretty decent at picking things up, I hope that she continues with us. I think she has a husband given that she has a ring with a diamond on it, but maybe she could bring friends. I find her physique quite attractive. Josh helped me understand that for tsuki I need to keep the back hand down so that I thrust the sword up not just forward. Very crucial to practice. Another technique that I can add to my kenjutsu practice regimen: drawing the sword forward into tsuki.

10:23:55 PM: Okay, that forward draw feels pretty interesting. I think I can actually do it somewhat well. I think I will practice tsuki with my new understanding before calling it a day.

10:30:09 PM: Okay, did a bunch of tsuki to counteract the mistake I had made previously. I still messed up a few times, but now that I have it in mind I should correct it quickly.

11:00:30 PM: Almost finished with Ninpo: Wisdom for Life and my laundry tumbles in the dryer. I do not quite know what to do. I guess tomorrow the students work on Twitter. Fun times.