9 8 2014

6:40:37 AM: Dreamed that I taught taijutsu techniques at some kind of big hacker house. Dreamed that I went to some restaurant with Sam and he didn’t like this meat dish he ordered so I ate it for him. Some kind of liver seeming meat.

7:32:19 AM: Had a good time doing KAP. Feels good to have done it this morning. I think since it doesn’t look so bright out this morning that I might take the subway to work, in which case I have about an hour left here. Or if I walked to work, still about an hour of time. I will definitely do yoga today. I suppose I want to walk to work so that I can transport my yoga mat there, as I have it packed in a bag.

7:49:03 AM: Practiced with Tenacity. Nuki forward and back, tsuki.

8:06:37 AM: Alright, time to get going to work. Great morning so far. Looking forward to doing yoga with Whitney.

10:35:58 AM: Nice yoga session today.