9 9 2014

6:29:01 AM: Dreamed about hiding and running and trying to capture a sociopathic italian man who kills and bribes his way out of sticky situations I dreamed Luke, Priscilla and I kept having to hide from him. He killed two children and hit another child with a bus. He had first appeared on some kind of TV show we filmed. I remember looking for Daria in some kind of street carnival with my mom and some of my family. I saw Mark randomly while looking for Daria. I tried to research the Italian. He kept paying people off, very frustrating. I woke up while frantically trying to pee, glad I didn’t piss myself.

6:36:52 AM: I guess Jordan wants to use my wiki software, huzzah. I think I will do KAP now.

9:01:57 AM: I feel like I kind of drifted in and out of consciousness during KAP,I don’t know if my body carried through with it or not. Later I went back to sleep.

9:02:25 AM: I dreamed about battling the frenchman in pokemon and chasing him to an airport and having a airplane ticket on my phone and running towards the airplane on the tarmac. They didn’t have an actual airport or anything. I had a psychic type pokemon that could heal itself.

10:09:18 PM: Performed the ritual to summon my true luv in the mirror. First time I’ve cum in a while now.

10:09:44 PM: Had a bit of a bum day, but I feel ready to turn things around. I hope I will meet U soon, if I haven’t already and just don’t realize. I hope I will realize when the time comes. Anyway, I think I will rearrange some things in my apartment. Doing some physical labor might help me, as well as listening to some music.

10:10:32 PM: I only went to half of taijutsu today, but I did get some valuable insights from Kosky and Cameron. On Uke I have to make sure to end up straight and not pull the front leg in as if to get myself more room. I don’t seem to really move very well in uke, I might have to start higher up to give myself some room to move down. On ichimonji no kata I have to make sure that when I come in for the strike that I really hit them with my whole body especially making sure to move my lead foot correctly so that I can strike their knee.

10:11:58 PM: Feel silly for not doing yoga today. I think I will get up earlier. And I think I won’t do KAP unless I really feel like it.

10:12:43 PM: Perhaps all this real food I’ve eaten doesn’t suit me well now that I have gotten used to the full nutrients provided by soylent. Cum sure does leave an interesting after taste. I rather like it, I wish Daria would appreciate the value it could provide her. Feels like such a waste when she just has me throw it away essentially. Anyway, the Mastree project has gone well so far.

12:41:02 AM: Alright, time for bed. I feel pretty great about having reorganized this apartment although I still have more to do tomorrow, but I will get to that tomorrow. Now I have everything off my mind I should go to sleep.