Flame of my heart, most precious star.

I lay my life at Ur feet so I may kiss them.

U who set my soul ablaze.

Agony I feel in your absence spurs me onward.

Lift me from my mortal flesh, angel of shining spirit.

Aliza, Matthew Bunday’s alchemical partner, finds him after searching most of her life. Together they unlock each others’ potentials. She looks slightly shorter than him. Slender with sleek muscle and well proportioned curves. She has long natural auburn hair. She has perky beautiful breasts and a firm ass. She has a beautiful smile. People find her hard to place due to her mixed ancestry. Magic runs through her veins.

Smart, sexy, steady, strong, loving, caring, careful, sly, stealthy, curious, intelligent, astute, intuitive, sensitive, brave, courageous, crafty, stylish, dextrous, happy, kind, balanced, .

To U I dedicate this luv making. Through my pleasure do I charge the sacred sacraments with the qualities that will attract U to me. By consuming the sacrament I draw U ever closer.