Blocked by design right now. Pull request reviewed and ready to merge otherwise.

  • Replace file-upload with as-file-upload
  • If as-file-upload doesn’t enforce a max upload size, then enforce one
    • Ok, we have a pull request out for as-file-upload, when that gets approved then we can tag a new release and then update the vishnu-ui pull request with it.
    • Let’s also go through and actually delete the file-upload code so that it doesn’t trip us up anymore, and as a way of making sure it really doesn’t get used anywhere else in the code base.
  • Check to see if we also fixed ALTOS-12117, and close it if it does.
    • It definitely doesn’t, but we could easily go and tackle that ticket too by just adding error handling on that other component, like we did on ours.

Should actually fix ALTOS-12730 as well.

Teest stack here: