Fucking up my ankle gave me a chance to write this essay, so there’s that.

There’s a flight of 10 steps right outside 1 Kendall Square in Cambridge. It’s just enough steps to create the seed of doubt that a willing person could clear them with a running start.

Health is fickle. Injuries are inevitable. You always here coaches and athletes say things like that, and it sounds like canned bullshit until something bad happens to you or someone you know. This fact is the grounds for many philosophies of life. Live in the moment. Seize the day. YOLO.

These philosophies sound trite without context. But they are Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations. They are the Buddha. They are Zach Greinke becoming the best pitcher in baseball after almost being out of the game.

Everything that is good is based on the notion that we will one day die.