Mercury Quincunx (Inconjunct) Uranus

The new and unusual things that occur to you may carry you far from the basic needs of your everyday life. Good ideas do not necessarily require you to act immediately to bring them about. Positive innovation will require you to alter yourself and your basic habits before you will see much change in the world or your environment.

Mercury Quincunx (Inconjunct) Neptune

Lots of time and effort can be wasted when you plan on things that are way out of reach. Your imagination and ideals serve you well when you are careful to keep the sequence of essential happenings in mind and accept your own idiosyncrasies. Be careful you don’t promise more to others than you can deliver. Self-honesty is not easy but it is essential in order to develop.

Venus Quincunx (Inconjunct) Uranus

Learning to let go of the past means being willing to release relationships you have outgrown. Further, you need to reevaluate the way you imprison yourself in mindless routines, then revolt against them. Different is not improvement necessarily, yet change is integral to development. Learning to abruptly alter circumstances without emotional turmoil is the way of growth. You need freedom through relationships, not freedom from relationships.

Jupiter Quincunx (Inconjunct) Saturn

You easily overextend yourself, then wonder why others take advantage of you. Learning to see your real obligations without being talked into having an overblown picture of yourself is the way to success. You can get in a trap of believing that only you can do a certain task, thus you end up having to do it. At root you may find the same item in your personality that throws your self picture askew is that quality which causes you to develop a self-righteous attachment to your deeply held prejudices.


Moon in Taurus: Moona

“I will wait for U, take whatever U need.” Attitude of passive nurturance, of feeding from the breasts (udder of cow).

Jupiter in Virgo: Athena

Virgin daughter of Zeus. “Stable, steady, sturdy, solid, subtle, sustainable, strategic expansion.”

Saturn in Aquarius: Scythe

Friendly avatar of Death, spurs us onwards. Keeps life minimal, focus on the good of humanity. “Freedom through Discipline”.

Mars in Taurus: Vulcan

Steady application of fire with practical application. God of the Forge. Tanren. “Forge and refactor”.

Pluto in Scorpio: Venom

“Change from within.” “Penetrating your essence.”

Venus in Leo: Aliza

“Luv brings us together.” In Luv we find Harmony.

Mercury in Leo: Esilisar

Okay, so I will give astrology a shot.

Neptune and Uranus: SlyShy

Sun in Leo: Frater ILUVU

1st house Emerging (Aries - Mars) - Aquarius

“There is usually something cool, detached, charismatic and magnetic about Aquarius rising”

“With Aquarius rising, a clearer sense of individuality is gained by stepping back and learning to look at life from an objective position.”

“Often very adaptable to scientific innovation, you can take up the new easily and working with advances in technology”

“If Aquarius is on your Ascendant, then you may be ideally suited to working with large groups of people, especially large organizations or groups that have concerns of a humanitarian nature at heart. ”

“This is the sign associated with intellectual genius and sudden realizations. The intellect is often highly pronounced, and many with this sign rising are gifted with an innate intuition- able to see the gestalt of a whole system in one moment, and make pinpoint decisions based upon multi-leveled dimensions of information. There is likely to be a pronounced tendency to act in ways that will benefit the collective, rather than provide personal gain. This then is the rising sign of the true humanitarian, who gets what they need in ways that are socially responsible and considerate.”

“Yet you will find your greatest happiness comes about when you find the joy and love that is lying beneath most outbursts of emotion and intensity, learning to redirect this emotion toward the benefit of all. You may denigrate and look down upon others when they seek to be recognized and seen as important, for you have an innate dislike of self-centered behaviors, and a tendency to view emotional neediness as a curious weakness found in lesser beings. Opening up to the emotional and passionate dimensions of your being helps you to avoid too much aloofness, or cool objectivity, and lets you realize that in order to be truly human, you need to respond with both reason and emotion to life’s experiences.”

Saturn in 1st House

“You were born old, and had a difficult life and many responsibilities as a youngster. You will be given opportunities to experience your youth as you grow older, however, and to overcome feelings of not having been loved. And as you mature into yourself and your life you will be able to give yourself some of the freedom and parenting you lacked as a child.”

2nd house Establishing (Taurus - Venus) -

“Capable of hard work, you need to build up your confidence and sense of self-worth. Be aware of selfishness if Saturn is also in Aries, Taurus, Cancer or Leo, and/or has hard aspects to personal planets. You’ve probably been shy and introverted, and are conservative when it comes to your personal appearance and communication with others. You are impartial and don’t play favorites or get overly personal.”

Mercury in Leo

“THE steady glow of Leo has an altogether admirable effect on the shy, silvery Mercury. As “the adolescent” among the planets, the solar influence is just what he needs “to make a man of him.” In other language, it may be said that this position adds heart to brain; and brain without heart is the essence of all mischief”

“Taking a comprehensive view, one may affirm that this is one of {203} the best possible positions of Mercury.”

Sun in Leo

“THE Sun in Leo is his greatest strength, for Leo is his own house and his influence is not even complicated by the exaltation of any other planet therein. We find here the most enormous vitality and strength of constitution.”

Moon in Taurus

“THE Moon in Taurus is in her exaltation; the sign tends to bring out the quiet and reflective side of the Moon and at the same time to steady her changeful nature. It is one of the best signs in which she can be found.”

Venus in Leo

“LEO is by far the noblest of the signs and brings out the best qualities of Venus. Venus in Leo is not so passionate as in Aries, but she is loyal and warm-hearted. She becomes capable even of that highest virtue of self-sacrifice without which all is in vain. She becomes that Charity of which the apostle Paul waxed eloquent. This however, depends as usual upon aspects; and attack of Saturn (for example) may undo all the good and transform it into evil; yet this is not so easily accomplished as when she is in a more passive and sensitive sign. However fallen, she always retains some memory of her ancient dignity.”

“To return to the by-paths of history, we may cite the great-hearted and magnanimous Garibaldi, as illustrative of this position, while its nobility and good-feeling were also very clearly manifest in the character of Cardinal Richelieu. Curiously enough, his successor, Mazzarin, has the same position, but in Mazzarin, these qualities were by no means strongly marked. A glance at his nativity explains why Mercury is in conjunction with Venus, masking her warmth by his rational and calculating acumen, and she is {274} seriously afflicted by a square of Uranus on the one side, and of Saturn on the other. The position of Saturn, which dominates the horoscope from the Mid-heaven, emphasizes the selfishness of the native, and Uranus, being in bad aspect to Venus, hinders the emancipation and breadth which a friendly aspect might have restored to her. These aspects might not have been sufficient to destroy her influence, had not Saturn been so extremely powerful in the horoscope. Not only is he in the Mid-heaven, but Lord of the Ascendant. Saturn is, therefore, the key of the complex, and is sufficiently powerful to out-weigh the influence of Leo upon Venus.”

Mars in Taurus

The heaviness of Taurus weighs him down, and, though he fights with desperate courage, there is not that elan which we found him to possess in Aries. Nor is the Venusian character of the sign favorable to his full development; since, Taurus being earthy, it sometimes occurs that he is degraded to be cruel and callous. Yet, at his best, he is steady and earnest; not so original, brilliant, nor lucky as when in Aries, nor so confident of the issue; but dogged, and as the saying goes: “Dogged does it.”

Jupiter in Virgo

JUPITER IN VIRGO IN Virgo, Jupiter is again in detriment, as this sign tends to bring out his duller and more earthly qualities. We, therefore, shall not expect to find here much expansion or altruism or even strong religious feeling. Petrarch and Victor Hugo may immediately strike the casual observer as apparent exceptions to this rule, but the former has Jupiter wonderfully developed by sextiles of Neptune and Venus, and a semi-sextile of the Sun and Mercury on one side and Saturn on the other. The latter has Jupiter in the tenth house conjoined with Saturn, Semi-sextile to Uranus and in opposition to the Sun and Venus. In general, the native is very practical in his religious views, which are intellectual, even materialistic, rather than devotional or spiritual. A more typical example, therefore, is Paul Kruger whose Jupiter has Mars in conjunction, Neptune in trine, and Uranus not far off it, Venus only five degrees from exact conjunction, and Mercury semi-sextile. In this powerful complex, however, Mars, lord of the Ascendant, is the key, and Jupiter merely adds good fortune to Mars. Thus, while the religious and humanitarian nature was extremely strong, it remained strictly subservient to more important material forces.

The anarchist Vaillant had Saturn in conjunction with Jupiter, chilling him, and Neptune in opposition, rendering his movements eccentric; Mars is sextile, denoting activity; hence the strong-headedness and strong-handedness of his essentially humanitarian impulses. Lord Brougham, cold-blooded lawyer, also has Jupiter in {374} Virgo. The square of Uranus weakens the benignancy of Jupiter, while the sextile of Saturn constricts it into prudence; there is nothing to expand or fortify its benevolent impulses. The Jupiter of Bulwer-Lytton, on the other hand, has a sextile of Neptune, lending a mystical tendency, though not a very powerful or precise one, to the religious element, which is also made rather superficial by a square of Mercury. But Jupiter is strengthened by Saturn applying to a conjunction within twelve degrees; and, as Saturn is in the third house, his influences tinge the whole mind.

Albrect Durer, saturnine though the austerity of his mind declares him, has yet a deep reverence. Venus is trine to Jupiter, and Uranus semi-sextile, giving what might be called a good average development. The Virgo influence, however, leaves some coldness. Sir Humphrey Davy, with Neptune exactly in conjunction with Jupiter, Venus trine and Saturn sextile, is genuinely religious. Having taken laughing gas as an experiment, he came back from unconsciousness exclaiming “The universe consists of nothing but ideas.” The greatest saint in his highest trance could hardly have known much more. It is a striking example of a truly religious subconsciousness, in one whose conscious mind was preoccupied with the affairs of exact science.

Alexander Dumas has Jupiter conjoined with Venus and Saturn, the Sun semi-sextile on one side, and Uranus on the other. From these influences comes the jovial raciness of his famous stories. In Guy de Maupassant, Jupiter rising, in conjunction with Venus and Mars and with no help from without, is completely obsessed by this pair of passionate planets; and so we regretfully observe this brilliant author the slave of passions which ultimately slew him.

“The materialistic qualities of Jupiter in Virgo tend to permeate the higher side of the mind in all directions, and the native is practical, analytical, and skeptical to the point of requiring proofs. Naturally, this position gives marked ability for scientific research, and generally for teaching and for service to others. It also, as in Taurus, gives great constructive power which may manifest itself in success in manufacturing, building, agriculture, or even in literature, according to the bent of the mentality. ”

Saturn in Aquarius

“AQUARIUS is by far the best house which Saturn can occupy. The airiness of the sign lightens the heaviness of the planet, and therefore there is no such harshness as is given by the sign of the Goat. Aquarius, too, is par excellence the sign of Science; and it gives free scope to the wisdom-quality of Saturn in a way that no other sign {433} can do, while the humanitarian impulses of the sign tend to lessen the selfishness of the planet. Even when unoccupied by Saturn, his influence tends to make its natives comprehend the true significance of the ego, tempering the crude consciousness of the self with some understanding of its cosmic importance. ”


“IN Capricorn, Saturn’s constricting restraint directs the explosive force of Uranus, just as the binding walls of the cannon intensify the effect of the discharge. With Uranus in this sign we get “an he-goat also, against whom there is no rising up.” The native of this position is, in Kipling’s phrase, “a first-class fighting man.” The examples of this quality are so convincing that they need only to be mentioned. The power evoked is so great that no afflictions to the personality appear to daunt it, unless they are extraordinarily evil. The Magical Will of the Man, his Mission in the World, is everything to him.”

Neptune in Capricorn

“Neptune, when in Capricorn, gives an almost clairvoyant materialism, a penetrating perception into matter that, in strong nativities or when well aspected, is nothing short of brilliance.

There is no position more capable of producing great scientific minds in the realms of chemistry, physics, medicine, surgery, mechanics and the other material sciences. The comprehensive thoroughness, the painstaking exactness, the patient depth to the will is almost Herculean in its power.”

From UnaInOmnia

Essential dignity scores (Lilly’s table) (shows strength): Sun 1 Leo: +5 (in domicile) Moon 16 Taurus: +8 (in exaltation, triplicity and face) Mercury Rx 16 Leo: -5 (peregrine) Venus 12 Leo: -5 (peregrine) Mars 28 Taurus: -3 (terms, detriment) Jupiter 13 Virgo: -3 (terms, detriment) Saturn Rx 16 Aquarius: +5 (domicile)

Accidental dignity scores (shows ability to act): Sun 1 Leo: +4 Total Conjunct 7th house cusp: +4 Moon 16 Taurus: -5 Total 3rd house: +1 Partile square with Saturn: -4 Waning: -2 Mercury Rx 16 Leo: -7 Total Retrograde: -5 7th house: +4 Partile opposition with Saturn: -4 Under the Sun’s beams: -4 Occidental: +2 Venus 12 Leo: +8 Total 7th house: +4 Under the Sun’s beams: -4 Occidental: +2 Direct: +4 Swift in motion: +2 Mars 28 Taurus: +14 Total 3rd house: +1 Free from combustion and beams: +5 Oriental: +2 Direct: +4 Swift in motion: +2 Jupiter 13 Virgo: +11 Total 7th house: +4 Free from combustion and beams: +5 Occidental: -2 Direct: +4 Saturn Rx 16 Aquarius: +7 Total Retrograde: -5 1st house: +5 Free from combustion and beams: +5 Oriental: +2 Combined Dignity Scores: Sun 1 Leo: +5 +4 = +9 Moon 16 Taurus: +8 -5 = +3 Mercury Rx 16 Leo: -5 -7 = -12 Venus 12 Leo: -5 +8 = +3 Mars 28 Taurus: -3 +14 = +11 Jupiter 13 Virgo: -3 +11 = +8 Saturn Rx 16 Aquarius: +5 +7 = +12

Almuten of the Figure (planet with greatest essential dignity): Luna Lord of the Geniture (planet with greatest essential and accidental dignity): Saturn Significator of Manners (vehicle through which temperament is expressed): Saturn

Temperament Calculation: Ascendant sign: +2 Sanguine Ascendant ruler: +1 Melancholic Ascendant ruler sign: +1 Sanguine Moon sign: +2 Melancholic Moon dispositor sign: +1 Choleric Moon phase: +1 Phlegmatic Season: +2 Choleric Ascendant almuten: +1 Melancholic Sanguine +3; Melancholic +4; Choleric +3; Phlegmatic +1

Your temperament is slightly Melancholic (earthy), with strong Sanguine (air) and Choleric (fire) influences as well. You have very little water influence in your chart - so little that you may wish to fortify your lifestyle to compensate for this lack and bring yourself into a more perfect balance. Your fire planets give you a hot, dry nature, and your earth planets give you a cold, dry nature: therefore there is an abundance of dryness. This can be balanced by drinking lots of filtered water, and eating moist fruits and vegetables with every meal; otherwise, rigidity of body and mind may result; the formation of stones; or hardening of the joints and arteries. Stretch every day, and make sure not to sit for long periods. Avoid processed foods, and eat virgin oils such as olive and coconut. If you can spend time near or on bodies of water, this will also help soothe your dry temperament.

The benefits of a melancholic temperament are introspection, patience, self-discipline, a retentive memory, and tenacity. You are able to stay with problems longer than others, eventually penetrating matters of great obscurity and difficulty. That which is intimidatingly dense to most other people is of the greatest interest to you, and you enjoy the challenge of prolonged work in solitude to open up that which others find perpetually obscure.

This goes well with the scholarly enthusiasm of your sanguine influences, making you a deep thinker upon abstract matters. Your fiery choleric side - all those planets in Leo! - gives you an aggressive will, and you enjoy conquering obstacles, albeit with the gradual subtlety of method that your earthy side endows. I think you’d make a fine alchemist, drawing out the hidden life enclosed within the stone or plant through the transformation of the works of fire. The Sun shines within all nature, locked within matter’s prison of inertia and corruption. You, a man of the Sun, with Saturn conjunct the Ascendant, are working on a similar situation within yourself - your fire is hidden within a fortress of ice.

The painstaking work and repetitive method of alchemy would suit you I think, though more conventional science would also appeal. Your Saturn is very highly dignified, and its position in your natal grand cross dominates your chart, so your tendency to work in a context that seems to imprison you with worry, delay and responsibility is balanced by an inborn talent to succeed in matters where others would fear to even make an attempt. The more slowly, precisely and perfectly you labor, the more you excel at tasks that are dauntingly complex and accomplish what others cannot.

You have a wonderful grand Earth trine between an exalted Moon in Taurus, Jupiter in Virgo, and Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn. Many things come easily to you, especially anything involving practical and sensual skills. It may take time to get full confidence in some of these areas, but you have the natural talent and it will be worth it. These include: math, computer programming, cooking gourmet meals, fixing and building machines, and engineering. You’ll make a lot of money with these skills once you feel competent - you’re a perfectionist, but don’t let self-doubt hold you back. If you feel disappointed with your first efforts, just keep working on it and never give up. You’ll find that you have an intuition about practical matters that you can’t quite explain. You don’t know exactly how you sensed that a certain spice would go so well in a certain dish, or that a certain property or stock would appreciate so rapidly, but you do have an inner voice you can trust. Thanks to Jupiter’s influence, sometimes you go overboard with the things you enjoy; in order to counter such luxurious tendencies (perhaps spending a lot of time playing strategy games), remember to set goals and stay focused on your objectives and the schedule or timetable you set. Neptune trine Moon gives you a rich imagination, and Uranus trine Moon gives you an attraction to futuristic and technical things. Sci-fi/fantasy may be enjoyable, and since you’re so serious you would also research the historical basis for magical ideas.

A grand trine is something easy that you’ve always had, and therefore take for granted. Some people with such a gift fail to exploit it fully, because they can coast if they choose. You, however, have an equally challenging configuration in your chart that kicks you in the butt and makes you reach to become your best self, so long as you don’t get too intimidated to begin. Your greatest enemy is inertia. Once you begin a project you’re unstoppably persevering, but it can be easy to get in a comfortable rut, and you should make sure you’re always tackling another mountain.

You also have a very close by degree grand cross involving Saturn in his own house, Aquarius; Luna in Taurus; Mercury in Leo; and Pluto in Scorpio. This is perfect for a ceremonial magician. You’ve just been through a major transit over that cross, namely Saturn conjunct Mars in Scorpio, (with Venus in Leo square them, conjunct your Mercury, which sucks a bit less). Things are going to get better soon, but I bet you’ve been stressed out this month.

Let’s take this grand cross apart aspect by aspect. First we should note that it’s in the fixed signs, and therefore tends to be a persistent condition rather than a series of crises. Second, let’s put the modern planet Pluto off for last and look at the classical planets, all of whose aspects are exact by degree. So you have a t-square of Luna (the home, family, emotions and subconscious mind), Mercury (communicative, calculating and discursive mind), and Saturn (the lord of delay, work, authority, cause and effect, and consequences). Many people with these three planets in mutual aspect seem to be on the autism spectrum in my experience, is that true for you? It’s likely that you feel held back emotionally and devote your energy to projects, possibly painting, writing or music, or something equally solitary and creative.

If we look at the houses involved, we see Luna in the 3rd house of siblings and transportation, Mercury in the 7th house of partners and open enemies, and Saturn in the 1st house of your own body and self-presentation. I get the idea that frustrations or duties involving brothers and sisters, running errands, dealing with correspondence, getting around town, physical health issues like breathing and vision, and possibly a problem your mom has (Parkinson’s is very Saturnian for example, or a mental health issue) may keep you tied down with a sense that you can’t go too far in case you’re needed, or in case you need someone else. But at the same time you may feel rejected and unappreciated. I kind of picture you taking care of a whole family as if you were the parent even though you’re young, or in some way being blamed, or at least stuck with the consequences of, a misfortune that befell them. You love your home and family very much, but you may feel tied to it too tightly also.

You may worry about planning out your life, in case things go wrong and you’re stuck for decades dealing with a responsibility that you find exhausting. So you’re risk-averse, maybe not by choice, but also yearn to be able to shine as an individual, as a Sun in Leo person. And you may end up attracting a person with a very strong personality who dominates you and tries to get you to handle all the difficult tasks in life for them while they bask in the limelight. It’s good to be aware the possibility that you could let someone steal your Sun while making you do all the Saturn for both of you, and make sure it doesn’t happen.

This is particularly the case with Saturn square Moon, where the experience of one’s family can be simultaneously controlling and rejecting, leading to incredible strength and self-reliance but also a consciousness that things will never be simple. You have a very strong Moon otherwise, and are good at handling practical tasks; it’s just that you may feel stuck with them, too. A famous Saturn square Moon person was Nelson Mandela, who spent many years in prison but changed the world; another was Dr. John Dee, famous scholar and magician who had the a t-square of Saturn, Mercury and Luna in fixed signs like you. Studying their lives, and the way they handled the adversity and opportunity that came their ways, can be very instructive. There is a negative side to Saturn square Moon of course - Jeffrey Dahmer had Saturn square Moon. It’s crucial to introspect about this part of yourself, heal pain from frustration and rejection you may have experienced, and avoid too much isolation even when it’s very tempting to withdraw. Saturn square Moon can lead to great wisdom and a saintly detachment from the world’s illusions, because the subjective “cave” you’re in seems so much darker to you than to others that you’re highly motivated to penetrate the veil.

Saturn-Moon is also very austere, and it can be tempted to deny your physical needs as an act of self-discipline or even self-punishment. You could have food sensitivities or allergies, maybe even to your favorite foods or the foods you grew up eating often. It’s important to find out whether this is true, because things like that can sap your vitality without you realizing why. You may have been denied key pleasures or treated harshly at school as a child, and it’s important to find out if you’re still suffering psychologically from that, and to go back and re-parent the child self, giving him the nurturing and love he might have missed back then, and deprogramming negative thoughts and beliefs. So what I’m saying is, you might still be mean to yourself without realizing it because of a harsh environment during your childhood (even though there was probably money), and it’s super important to make up for it by treating yourself with great love and respect now that the power is in your own hands. That includes nurturing yourself and not automically denying yourself things, or criticizing yourself due to internalized negative messages. Okay, next is Mercury retrograde square Saturn. This simply means you have a love of the obscure, antique, mysterious, and serious, and you put a lot of work into your craft. On the plus side, Venus is conjunct your Mercury, and if you feel blocked in one area things flow with lucid brilliance in another. Beautiful lyrics and poetry would be good for you; you should learn an instrument; you should take up an artform. It will change your life for the better. Saturn opposite Venus means you could be intimidated by the highly technical and virtuoso skill you’d like to achieve, but go for it anyway.

Saturn opposite Venus and square your Moon could make relationships with women somewhat uncomfortable. Perhaps you like flambouyant Venus-in-Leo type women, but are too shy to approach them since they seem like goddesses. Putting some women on a pedestal but despising others could also be a thing. You might be judgmental of them, and you might feel they’re judgmental of you. Not to worry. You’re meant to be in a long-term relationship, and once you find the right person you’ll be set for life. If you haven’t met her yet, look for her at a place like ComicCon where cosplay is common, or Burning Man - someplace where introverts let their inner rock star out. Do you have any interest in illustrating occult graphic novels btw? That’s the kind of thing I see you enjoying. Something good for you would be a mixture of art, science, literature and the paranormal.

Okay, time to consider the role Pluto plays in your t-square. If Saturn is the darkness of a mine or cave, Pluto is the volatile heat and invisible power of the depths of a volcano. Have you ever seen Alphas, or Heroes? That’s the kind of extreme ability Pluto is known for, albeit in a less physics-defying way for most people. Often something dark happens to a person that pulls the mask off of what people are pleased to call reality, and then that person knows what other people deny. I think that with Pluto square Saturn, you know how bad things really are under the pretense and social games people try to hide behind. You know how much trouble the world is in, how imperiled our future is; you don’t hide in shallow diversions and pretend all that is happening somewhere else, to someone else. Pluto square Mercury and opposite Luna makes you a natural psychologist, specifically because you see beneath appearances to the hidden source of phenomena, including human motivation.

Okay, to sum up, you’re a structured and methodical thinker with a creative and artistic streak, and you have a lot of opposite, contrary tendencies to reconcile. You’re both self-denying and luxurious, for example. You’re reserved but filled with an inner passion. Feeling torn between conflicting tendencies can sometimes make you feel stuck. You might look for a glamorous, quicksilver person to inspire or lead you out of this rut. You need to take better care of yourself, and surround yourself with water to make up for its lack of emphasis in your nativity. This wateriness includes love and compassion!

So that’s the Saturn-influenced part of your chart. Oh, I should mention people fear you because you notice their mistakes. It might be prudent not to actually point them out to coworkers, though, unless you work in quality control; their egos, once bruised, may turn them into enemies. People hate to feel stupid, so throw them a bone once in awhile and say something kind when you can see they’re trying hard, even if you can tell their approach could use some adjustment. The more you can stay verbally positive, the better your results in life will be. That might sound cheesy but I have found it to be true. This is especially true while you’re cooking and eating (the critical inner parent gets activated then, and you don’t want that influence squashing your life). You don’t have to lie, but see if you can put a positive spin on your observations. Or lie a little if you want - people love flattery and there’s no harm in making them feel good.

Now let’s look at the masculine planets. You have an interesting situation, and out-of-sign trine between Mars in Taurus and Sun in Leo, both given power by their conjunctions to angles. Usually Taurus and Leo are at odds, Taurus seeing Leo as all flash and no substance, where Leo sees Taurus as all physicality and no spirituality. Luckily, these two signs are working in harmony in this case, giving you the potentially ability to both charm and bulldoze your way to your objectivies. Though Mars in Taurus seems very calm, the Bull is intimidating, and people may be impressed by the restrained force they sense in you. Some will take it as a challenge eeven when you’re not starting anything, and you may find yourself in the middle of a pissing contest without knowing how you got there. Your Mars is opposite Pluto, giving it extra power from the subterranean depths. You may be content to stay still and placid for awhile, but eventually something from deep within you erupts, sometimes to devastating effect. Nevertheless your burn is a slow and steady burn, and some may think you’re indolent when really you’re just biding your time. Mars in Taurus is also very sexy in that earthy physical way that loves to possess what he desires. You like a lover you can count on, someone who always wants you and who loves both your body and their own. Head games are not going to work on you. As far as you’re concerned, if they don’t know what they want then they don’t deserve you. Mars trine your Sun gives your chart a nice balance since Saturn aspects so many of your planets. In effect, you more feminine planets, Luna and Venus, are tied down by restrictive Saturn energy, while your masculine Sun is given the focus and drive of Mars. This is another way you may feel as though you have a contradictory nature: one part of you somewhat conservative and withdrawn, another part filled with a zest for life and a visionary sense of the good and true that scorns the limits of the practical and safe and wishes to lead others into a brighter future. I would say, let each part of you have its turn expressing itself and honor it on its own terms, because all have something valid to offer in the right context.

6th Month Forecast

First of all, I thought I’d give you a list of fixed stars conjunct your natal positions. These can often be “oddly specific” and I thought you might find it interesting. For a more in-depth look at their meanings I included a link to a nicely-written web page, as each constellation also has its own lore. Rising: Bos. “Keen intellect, good for business, military, analysis.” More here: Yed Prior is conjunct the Midheaven. “Success in astrology & 9th house matters (these are religion, law, higher education, travel), shrewd.” More here: Conjunct Mercury: Dubhe (The Bear). “Astrology, arrogance, psychic power, destruction; aka Krathu, one of the 7 Rishis (Hindu sages) in Ursa Major; Bast Isis, the Egyptian goddess; ‘The Eye’; ‘Heaven’s Pivot’.” More here: Conjunct Venus: Acubens. “Astrology, writing, perseverance, domestic problems, poison, liars.” More here: Mars is somewhat widely conjunct Caput Algol, but this is such a major star that it should be taken into account. “Primitive female sexuality; strangulation, beheading, danger to throat and neck, murder, violence, mass catastrophe; the ‘Evil One’, the Demon Star; passionate; intense; hysterical. Also associated with extreme creativity, an expression of the Dark Side.” This is a fascinating star associated with mass uprisings and mob violence, such as during the Reign of Terror in France. As an eclipsing binary, it gives the impression of winking malevolently. In ancient times the “dome” of fixed stars, as the highest heaven, was considered immutable and perfect; so when there were changes, such as comets or variablity in star brightness, it was almost always considered ill-omened. This position is about to be activated by transits of Saturn and Jupiter soon, and so I wanted to introduce the topic of fixed stars before I got into your forecast. More here: Jupiter is conjunct Coxa. “Good for voyages, gain by merchandise, redemption of captives; prophetic ability (with Zosma: ‘Kua, the Oracle’); strength; wisdom. More here: Saturn is conjunct Alnair. “Retiring, active, proud, watchful, kind, idealistic, devoted, liking for astronomy, ‘the Bright One’.” More here: The fixed stars are not as overt in their influence as planetary positions by sign, house and aspect, but over the course of a lifetime their themes can be seen woven into the life story in sometimes startlingly appropriate ways.

The next two lunations active your Sun and Moon, so you may find yourself with a lot on your plate this month. The New Moon this Thursday is a partial solar elipse at 0Scorpio15, and it is closely square your natal Sun. This eclipse is in a tight conjunction with Venus, and its theme is the journey of the goddess Inanna or Ishtar to the Underworld, where she dies for three days and is reborn. It takes place in your 8th house of death and debt. I always tell people not to get overly-creeped-out by eclipses hitting their natal positions: they are powerful, but they can take up to a year to unfold their influence, and though it can be a shock akin to a plant being dug up and replanted, the change is often a new opportunity that in retrospect will be obvious as a much-needed stimulus for growth. They save us from stagnation. Sol and Luna are the only “planets” that never go retrograde, and their conjunctions with the Moon’s Nodes are like interruptions in their perpetual forward motion through the zodiac, giving us a chance to hop out of ruts. In fact, Luna physically wobbles in her orbit due to gravitational stress at these times. This influence is challenging because we’re thrown out of our comfortable routines by a major new undertaking, but not necessarily destructive. In your case, since your natal Sun is conjunct the Descendant, you are most likely to feel the strain in your relationships, especially concerning joint resources, borrowed money, or anything shared. You may also consider to what extent your identity and self-expression have been defined and conditioned by partnerships of various kinds. There will be a desire to strike out on your own and be your own person, but resource entanglements could make you feel ensnared; or if you have been independent up until now, you may get an offer to pool resources in some way. In that case - if someone wants you to invest in a business with them, or move in together - you might want to be extra careful. The hidden strings could turn out to be expensive. On the other hand, your impulse to be creative might make a collaboration on a project quite attractive, as a partner could ignite your inspiration. Be careful that it’s clear who owns what, though. The nature of the current change will be more obvious (the New Moon is just the seed of events, which flower over the next year in the case of a solar eclipse) during the next Full Moon on November 6. It takes place at 14Taurus26, closely conjunct your natal Moon and square your natal Saturn, Mercury and Venus. Tensions about money, roommates, siblings and transportation are likely to be high. You get more clarity about what your emotional needs really are, and the extent to which you may have been depriving yourself or letting other people impinge on them. This is a great time to pay attention to your dreams, and other ways by which your subconscious mind is trying to make its feelings known. This is a particularly rich time for writing. It’s a way to get in touch with things you’re thinking and want to say that are otherwise habitually inhibited. Don’t be surprised if people start relying on you to give them rides or fix things for them, or if other odd little errands keep cropping up such as lots of email correspondence and trips about town. This Full Moon is also closely trine your natal Jupiter, which is a really great aspect, putting you in touch with wise people and creating a sense of enthusiasm and expansion in your life. Major purchases are favored, as is a boost in your reputation at work. The Full Moon is trine your Neptune and Uranus, which amplifies your imagination and visionary abilities. This should be a really productive time for you in terms of being able to visualize the future you want and then taking practical steps to make it happen. It’s a strange and interesting magnification of the natal pivot your Moon makes as both a point in your Earth Grand Trine and Fixed Grand Cross, where you’re both unusually burdened and unusually blessed.

Now for some transits I consider key. Saturn and Jupiter are two relatively slow-moving planets, and so they have a lot to do with the overall unfolding of your life and its phases. Currently they are in a tense aspect with one another, and the way this interacts with your natal chart is interesting. First some general notes on Saturn. Saturn makes a hard aspect to his natal position approximately every seven years, culminating with a return to his natal position at about age 29 (though you’ll feel it for at least a year, most likely two). Saturn return is a famous milestone, considered the age of astrological adulthood, when the brain has finished its neurological development, particularly in the area of the prefrontal cortex - the area of planning and judgment, whose proper development are among Saturn’s many gifts. People with a favorable natal Saturn, such as you have, are particularly well-endowed in the executive areas of mental ability such as reasoning, problem-solving, foresight, self-control, and assessment and regulation of appropriate social behaviors. Basically, the older we get the better we are at calculating the long-term consequences of our choices and formulating effective life strategies. We become more self-sufficient because of this, looking less to others for direction, and are more likely to be given responsibilies and trusted with power. We can control our external reactions to our emotions and do not act as spontaneously. Our progress in this area occurs in seven-year developmental increments. At age seven we are more independent from our mothers and define ourselves more by our school environment than our home environment, and are able to learn abstract concepts; at age fourteen we form distinct social groups, and learn and enforce social norms within them often different from those of adult society, thus defining ourselves by our peer group; at age twenty-one we are economically self-sufficient and often have our own families and careers, often defining ourselves by our jobs and spouse or academic trajectory. At age twenty-eight we receive the full consequences of our choices up to this point, and the structures we have built in our live are strongly tested by adversity to see whether they can hold up permanently. If not, we start over in those areas. People with a strong Saturn are more precocious in some of these neurological areas, which can paradoxically be somewhat isolating during teen years when foresight, self-control, ability to solve complex problems, ambition and a highly-regulated affect are considered nerdy and uncool. But guess who’s laughing last, when the Saturn people run things after everyone’s grown up. Such people often begin to feel vindicated at the age of twenty-one, when we gain a lot of freedom and the burdens we’ve labored under in our youth start to pay off in rewards. If we were conscientious and dutiful, it’s finally paying off. Age twenty-one is the second Saturn square to its natal position, and you’ve just been through yours. It’s also the year that Uranus is square its natal position, which makes us feel liberated from parents and social institutions that had kept our will in check. It’s an exciting time, when people not only feel competent and able to handle their business, but also can individuate from family and social influences that might have kept them in an inaccurate pigeon-hole. We get to express more of what’s really inside of us, and we’re less afraid of responsibility. Uranus and Saturn are very different from each other however, and sometimes people find the contradiction too much. Should they follow the Uranian urge to break out of their mold, and go packpacking around Europe? Should they follow the Saturn urge to invest in long-terms payoffs and go to grad school? There are lots of big choices here, and it can seem hard to know whether to take a big risk and gamble what we’ve gained so far or to dig oneself more deeply into a successful trajectory. This is also a time when the Uranus influence pulls back the curtain from reality somewhat, and we realize that there is much more in heaven and earth than they people we grew up with ever talked about. Some people get carried away when they see behind the veil, and foresake Saturn’s restrictions completely in a possibly misguided urge to try to fly. We get some of the best insights we’ll ever have in our lives at this time. We’re the most creatively fertile, and we have wisdom beyond our years. Some writers and mathematicians have career-defining breakthourghs at this time. But it’s good to bear in mind that this rocket-boost is temporary, and to make a sound plan for what we’re going to do with our visions when we finally have to land. To add to the complexity of what you’re currently undergoing, transiting Uranus is also trine your Venus and Mercury, and square your natal Neptune. This is really fantastic, especially for artists and creative people. And on top of that, transiting Jupiter in Leo is also conjunct your Venus and Mercury, opposite your Saturn and square your Moon. This is, as they say, epic. I feel like you’re meeting a ton of new people right now, and they’re just amazing. This has been a really good time for love, friendship, running into people you love to talk to, and having a lot of options in terms of not just people to socialize with but styles of relating. You might realize there are modes of sex and romance that hadn’t been part of your life before, and do things that are quite experimental. Part of you may find the situation risky, and even ethically dubious because it’s non-mainstream, but there’s so much positive energy there that you also feel like you’re finding out who you really are, and that’s compelling enough to go for it. Your natal chart has a lot of significant others in it (shown by a packed seventh house), and I wonder if monogamy is really for you. Moon in Taurus square Saturn is pretty possessive and traditional, but Sol, Mercury and Venus in Leo in the 7th is all about passion and variety. Polyamory and BDSM (Saturn opposite Venus) could be options here. At any rate, whatever it is your heart truly yearns for is probably more obvious than ever right now, and you may well spend the next year expanding your social horizons and experimenting with alternative lifestyles. Just try to get enough sleep. :) If multiple romances are too much, you’ll probably still find yourself hanging with a fantastically interesting and adventurous crowd of people who defy convention in these ways. If Jupiter is the giver of bounty I think he is, you’ll probably find yourself embroiled in love triangles and e-relationships next year, maybe even meeting one of the loves of your life in April (when Jupiter stations conjunct your Venus). Try not to let your popularity go to your head. :) I wouldn’t be surprised if you got married and had kids, as Mercury is ruler of your 5th house of children - if you haven’t already, given that this August’s Jupiter-Venus conjunction was in your 7th house, conjunct your Mercury! Nice. Lucky guy. With Saturn so active it probably felt like you had to work hard too, but wow. In addition to people everywhere - and if that involves you being on stage in front of an audience, I think that would be particularly good - you will also continue to learn lots of new skills, and amass a great deal of information and/or produce a lot of writing in the coming year, thanks to Jupiter conjunct your Mercury. Are you thinking of buying a house? Mercury is also lord of your 4th house, which indicates property. If not yet, than look into that over the next six months and see if it’s feasible. Hmm, maybe the 8th-house emphasis I saw with that eclipse could be a home loan.

So far we’ve covered Saturn bringing you into the next phase of responsible, self-sufficient adulthood and a greater readiness to handle serious commitments; Uranus showing your unique spark of genius and individuality, your self apart from all training, heritage and the cultural norms that may have conditioned your consciousness before, and the resultant desire to try new things; and Jupiter bringing you lots of social contacts, popularity and creativity, and giving you plenty of options to contemplate. That’s the big picture: these long-term influences will persist into 2015. Now I’m going to start diving into some details, which will involve taking a look at some of the faster-moving planets, as well as Saturn’s next influence as he moves away from his square with himself. I’ll also take a look at your secondary progressions. In fact maybe this is a good time to talk about Saturn opposing your Mars in Taurus in mid-December, an aspect that will repeat in 2015 as he retrogrades to station there for all of July and August. This is intensified by the opposition of Saturn to Algol. So this is the harsh news, basically. Saturn is going to conjunct your Midheaven, which describes your career and reputation, this Winter and next Spring. This is a huge test, and what you do now will affect your life for a long time. Luckily, when Saturn conjoins your Midheaven he also trines your Sun, giving you steadiness of purpose and the ability to conserve your vitality to survive this marathon. Your natal Mars is conjunct your 4th house cusp, and again I’m thinking that where you live is going to be a major situation. You have Gemini on the 4th (Mars is late in Taurus, your 4th cusp is early in Gemini), which can indicate two residences or traveling a lot for work. Mars in Taurus would be happier owning property in the country I would think - a nice house you can work on, with a place to grow things - whereas Gemini prefers the culture and stimulation of the city. I’m wondering if what’s going on is a long-distance relationship, where sometimes you’re at their residence and sometimes your own, and whether this isn’t going to become a source of stress, perhaps feeling the need to commit to one or the other. Or you feel like you’re on the road all the time, going from one place to the other. At any rate, whatever’s going on with your living situation is going to become more and more of a pain; it may end up being under construction, or be a major expense, or if you live with other people there may be a fight, especially in December. Start thinking about what situation you ultimately want to end up in, and how you can afford it. The worst-case scenario is a fire or an accident, so make sure all hazards are cleaned up and you have a solid plan for emergencies. I only say this because Mars is volatile, Saturn’s in violent Scorpio, and Algol is nearby - better too paranoid than caught with your pants down. The best meaning this could have is that you’re buying land and building a house on it according to your own design. It would satisfy the transits, and you’d have exactly what you really want. Or maybe it could be a space for a business that you’d be acquiring; that would also work with Saturn at the top of the chart. I could totally see you living upstairs from a dojo, for instance. Okay, now Saturn conjunct Midheaven. This is a sort of “cosmic performance review.” Depending on how you’ve been handling your life, it can either be a raise and promotion, or a fall and disgrace. Be ready to have your competence questioned and tested. Of course, if you’re graduating college it’s as simple as that. It’s also possible that you will start teaching what you’ve mastered, since Mars rules your 9th house. You might have international dealings since the 9th house has to do with foreign countries. No matter what happens, you’ll be using your willpower to your maximum extent at the end of the year. It’s important to compensate by eating more nutritiously, and stretching and exercising gently to avoid illness and injury. Be especially careful with your neck. If you take a lot of falls, you might want to be more conservative in December. (I’m a skier and I do potentially take a lot of falls, so I drill on perfecting my form and hold off on speed and jumps during Saturn transits.) You want to deliberately relax and release your stress and anger every day so it doesn’t come out sideways as an accident. Algol is a star associated with malefic magic, but the cool thing is that there’s a protective talisman you can make using that star. I made one and I like it a lot. Here’s an example: I didn’t buy one from him, I got a Medusa pendant and engraved the back.

Whew, that’s all the bad news. :) This may all work out rather well for you I think, it’s just not going to be a cakewalk. Now let’s look at swift-moving Mars. He only spends a month or two in sign unless he stations, whereas Jupiter spends a year in a sign, and Saturn spends two-and-a-half years in a sign. Mars will spend November in Capricorn, which will be excellent mid-month as he joins your Grand Trine, giving you lots of energy and focus. Capricorn is in your 12th house of dreams, meditation and solitude; you’ll get a lot out of focusing on work that you can do alone, and on introspective pursuits, especially November 12-20. If you do visionary work it will be particularly enlightening around then, I would think. If not, take note of your dreams and see what your subconscious is saying. Mars trine your natal Mars December 2 and 3 is great for athletic pursuits, general ass-kicking, and goal accomplishment. Mars enters Aquarius in December, where it will cross your Ascendant. Is your birth time extremely accurate? If so, the days Mars crosses your Ascendant are December 11 and 12. Mars opposes your Sun first though, on December 6 and 7. This is a briskly agressive influence, and you will feel extra-energetic and ready to tackly intellectual problems. Other people may find you more confrontational. Mars opposite Sun can have to do with conflicts with authority figures or people who consider themselves leaders; you may refuse to take direction and end up with a pushy type of person in your face who takes it as a challenge. It’s not really a big deal, but you might drive more conservatively to compensate for a streak of impatience. Mars is opposite your Venus on the solstice. This can either have to do with sex or arguing with a significant other or both. Mars conjoins your natal Saturn on Christmas. You chafe under responsibilities, want to do your own thing, stop yourself to some extent, and the inner conflict could give you a headache. Mars is also square your Moon and opposite your Mercury, so arguments with female relatives and your siblings looks probable. They’ll want you take a responsibility that you feel they can handle themselves while also talking down to you like you’re still a kid, I think. This only lasts a couple of days, it’s just kind of annoying to feel discouraged by people who are supposed to be on your side. If it really gets to you, you might feel physically ill. Mars squares your natal Mars on January 9 and 10. It’s a high-energy day that could involve challenges and conflicts, especially with men, possibly over politics, religion or culture. Mars enters Pisces mid-January, which makes nothing but supportive aspects to your natal chart. You’ll feel pleasantly decisive while flexible about your approach, and people will mostly go along with your plans. You take on a decided leadership role when Mars in Aries trines your natal Sun on February 21. At this point, aggressive concern about finances will occupy you the next month and a half as Mars transits your 2nd house or resources. This is good for making money, particularly since Mars will trine your Leo planets and then trine your Jupiter during this time. In late April, Mars in Taurus conjoins your Moon while it squares your Venus, Mercury and Saturn. You will feel very inflexible regarding your needs and opinions and others may find you autocratic, where from your perspective you’ve simply ceased to suffer fools gladly. This takes us to your Mars Return in early May, when your tasks regarding property, career and possibly travel become particularly urgent.

I’ve been contemplating your secondary progressed chart. This technique involves counting forward in the ephemeris one day for every year of your life. So the chart cast for a week after you were born describes your situation at age 7; the chart cast for three weeks after you were born describes your situation at age 21. Some of this technique relies on having gotten an accurate birth time; other factors are slower-moving, and will still work if your birthtime is within an hour. For example, I see p. Moon in Pisces exactly conjunct your p. Ascendant right now, but if your birthtime is off a bit this event could change by years. Assuming that we’ve got good data, what this means is that you are much more sensitive, psychic and compassionate than usual this year. You have a strong fantasy life, and are moved by stories and music much more. It’s harder for you to maintain your boundaries, and sometimes you can feel other people’s emotions and pain as though they are your own, which makes you both want to help them and avoid them since it’s so draining. But the good news here is that this intensely watery combination balances out the dryness of your natal chart, so with that in mind it’s a tremendous opportunity to adjust things within you that had long been stuck. Water is very healing, because it dissolves old traumas and scars, leaving you renewed. It’s power of lubrication, nourishment and dissolution of waste from the past cannot be overrated: without it we would shrivel up, become immobile, and finally turn to dust. Water also allows you to feel your connection with the world around you in a compassionate and intuitive way. Your progressed Ascendant will be in Pisces for many more years, which is great. Your progressed Moon will be there for one more year and then it will move to fiery Aries. This is an opportunity to explore a side of reality that may not have been nearly so accessible before. For example, talents like scrying are something you could learn now. You also have a natural cloaking device (think the color-changing ability of an octopus) right now and can blend in to the background if you need to avoid something. You might find that you’ve become so uncharacteristically flexible that you sometimes feel taken advantage of. This would have come to the fore in particular a month ago, when your p. Moon was square p. Mars in Gemini. It’s the same theme of having to take care of someone, probably a guy, who’s capable of being pretty immature and dishonest, though clever. This person is in your immediate environment: a neighbor, sibling or roommate. Four months ago something much sweeter happened, when p. Moon was opposite p. Venus. You met a woman who is sharp-minded, competent and skeptical. Right now your progressed Moon is sextile Uranus, which intensifies your interest in science, technology, and fringe topics like astrology. It helps you see reality from an abstract perspective, and that calls into question a lot of “truths” that conventional reality considers necessary to accept in order to be sane. As your p. Moon sextiles Neptune in two months, you’ll get even more out there, wondering whether the astral sea is really populated by a spirit world and if so what their roles in our lives is; things like that. Neptune is a pretty ungrounded influence, so try to retain a functioning bullshit detector at all times. In four months your p. Moon opposes Jupiter, which can be both good and not so good. On the one hand, you will be motivated by ethical ideals and generosity. On the other, it’s tempting to overspend and overindulge. In two years progressed Jupiter will be conjunct your Descendant, which will be a prosperous time during which you’ll run into teachers, religious people, wealthy people and wise people, and you will give a lot of thought to the higher purpose of existence; four months from now is a foretaste of that long-term trend. I see your p. part of fortune is conjunct your p. Sun, a great help for finances, especially with that Sun in golden Leo. I get the overall impression that you’re doing very well in life, and other people are jealous and sometimes try to screw with you.