Benjamin Blonder

He went to Swarthmore University. He worked as a researcher at Oxford University. He did his PhD at Arizona State University.

Has a brother named Keith. He has a Chinese mother and Jewish father. His father co-authored a book on cooking meat with someone legally named Meathead.

He has a best friend named Nya who lives in Denmark and works at the University of Copenhagen. Nya’s husband works as a pastry chef.

Ben and Charlotte met through their friend Erin (Charlotte’s Friend) who invited him over for dinner one night but didn’t show up until hours later. Ben brought a pie over.

Ben took Charlotte on an adventure through a forest near Oxford for their first date together.

Sun Jan 28 2018

His mother grew up in the US (Chinese). He has several cousins on the west coast.

Before meeting Charlotte Ben had a string of short term relationships. During the first year of grad school at ASU a long distance partner of his living in LA left him for someone else, after they had a long relationship.

He began playing the violin shortly after meeting Charlotte.

Tue Aug 15 2017

Charlotte Wang’s long distance partner.

He will have a research lab at Arizona State University starting in 2018.