Chamber Winter 2018

I met a bunch of new people there, and saw a lot of old friends.

I met some of Sean-Patrick William O’Brian’s friends: Molly Tomecek, Elle Tilden, and Fran.

I met Kara Ansett’s friend Mike.

I saw Jack Feldstein and Amber Gamma. I got to meet Abby Echiverri

Mike Tedesco showed up in time to hear me play The Path of the Wind, which I apparently played pretty well! He got to perform two songs for everyone too.

I met Charlotte Wang’s friends Alistair Blacklock and Charlie Straut.

I lent Guy Car my laptop so he could present his experience in Hokkaido with us.

Daria felt really nervous while playing.

Charlotte did solo singing with Audri Augenbraum

Ryan Mather showed up and hung out with Erica Du a lot.

Riley Rennhack shared her poetry with us.

I met Jamie Beckenstein’s friend Becca Shubert