Charlotte Wang

Questions to ask Charlotte



A love interest of mine. Has a partner named Benjamin Blonder

Her mother also comes from Taiwan. Her father comes from China and died after she had turned 19. Her family cremated her father.

Charlotte’s father Ru-in ayi

She has a younger sister named Stella Wang (four and a half years younger) and a younger sister named Luna Wang

Plays the cello. Studied sociology in school. Works at the INCITE research center at Columbia University

She likes to chase beauty and novelty, and extend her curiosity about people.

She has traveled to Singapore, Turkey (Istanbul), Abu Dhabi, Britain, Taiwan, China, Denmark (she stayed with Tine’s family?), Austria, Germany (where she met Joshua Chang as his suite-mate), Italy (she stayed with a farmer), and doubtless many more places. In the US she has traveled through Colorado, Boston, SF, Tucson, Phoenix, .

She spent a summer working on homeless rights cases.

She played cello for an indie band called ‘Marks of Darkness.

Her Chinese relatives live in Suzhou.

She wants to learn to farm some day.

Her friends

Erin (Charlotte’s Friend), Audri Augenbraum, Joshua Chang, Tine, Mailyn, Melissa Woo, Erica Du, Farah Mo, Connie Trinh, Alistair Blacklock

Her past lovers

She had a relationship for three years with someone named Alex at NYU Abu Dhabi, he had mental health issues including suicidal thoughts which made the relationship emotionally coercive.

After that in Oxford she had a relationship with someone named Noelle, who let his ex-girlfriend emotionally abuse and control him. Eventually she didn’t allow him to communicate with Charlotte leading to the end of their relationship.

Charlotte tried out a relationship with her close friend Dan, who broke up with his girlfriend of five years in order to pursue Charlotte. It didn’t work out due to lack of chemistry, which he took pretty hard, although they’ve managed to remain friends. He confessed his feelings during a Skype call when Charlotte stayed in Taiwan, in front of her whole family.

In high school she had a crush on a guy named George in her cello section that had a huge insect collection, but she never told him her feelings.

Sun Jan 28 2018 / Relationship history

She broke up with Alex her first year at Oxford, despite his also coming to Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship.

She dated Noel for a while, then had a break, during which time she saw Dan. Then she got with Noel again, although by November she had decided that it wouldn’t work. She met Ben in December, and by January they started dating. Noel found out in March and felt really heart broken. I learned that Noel had 12 years on Charlotte, and that he had a nine year relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

Charlotte and Ben formed their relationship over email.

Wed Oct 25 2017

She also loves The Sound of Music. She read a lot of YA fiction when younger. Has read Girl with a Dragon Tattoo and Hunger Games, and some Sherlock Holmes. And Encyclopedia Brown.