My lover since June 20th 2014. Her finger measures 51mm around, ring size 6.

Wed Jan 09 2019

Amused by fart jokes. Likes when I use silly words like ‘mu-cles’. Called her my sister when I lost my memory before. Loves KitKat more than anything. Does Jiujutsu. Gets frustrated at her mom on the phone. Works at Google as a SRE. Calls me ‘Theiu’ or something.

Tue Nov 21 2017

Her maternal grandfather worked as the principal for a school and her paternal grandfather worked as a professor.

Her parents would take her and her brother to the public library frequently, and she loved the Paddington bear books.

Tue Aug 08 2017

She had a good friend named Kirby who worked with her in the bagel shop. She had another friend named Alisa who ran her Tumblr blog with her.

Mon May 08 2017

Her brother would occasionally say some very hurtful things to Daria when they grew up. He may harbor some resentment because he got the short end of the stick in a lot of ways, and as the first born male in Korea he has a lot of expectations placed on him, which Daria has filled more so than he has. Daria and her brother don’t really talk much, which explains why I’ve never spoken to him.

Daria has benefitted a lot from her interactions with Susannah, her therapist, and her example has really encouraged me to look for a therapist.

Running the NYC Marathon in 2017.

Marathon Magick

Has a cat named KitKat who she loves.

Korean heritage. Her father died when she was 13 on September 15th. Went to Columbia University on a full scholarship thanks to Questbridge.

Like shades of blue often with a bit of green like aquamarine. She has a similarly colored aura from what I can see. I find her energy very calming.

Does pottery and long distance running. Also lifts weights.

Very beautiful and sexy.