Deft Draft

Each card has tags. On a single day a bunch of cards with that day as a tag get created. For example: meditation,1172014 ; yoga,1172014

Easy to filter by topic or by date.

View to highlight only todo items. View to highlight only ideas.

I would find full text search very useful.

  • w, Word forward.
  • W, Word back.
  • s, Sentence forward.
  • S, Sentence back.
  • a, pAragraph forward.
  • A, pAragraph back.
  • d, heaDing forward.
  • D, heaDing back.
  • q, Quote forward.
  • Q, Quote back.
  • e, Expand out.
  • E, Expand in.



9:38:05 PM: Wrap around works within context of next largest selection size? Too hard for now, good concept for later. For now wrap around at global level.