Drew Teter Reference

What were his/her title and responsibilities?

Drew came to DBC as a student. His responsibilities included self-studying Ruby and web development technologies, doing our daily challenges, participating in our Engineering Empathy curriculum, and working with his classmates to complete group projects.

How would you describe his/her performance and strengths?

I found Drew among the top performers in his cohort. His strengths include his kindness and compassion, his ready grasp of technical concepts and strong analytic thinking style. I found his intelligence and persistence a very powerful combination when it came to executing programming challenges.

What was your association with the candidate? (direct manager, etc.)

I taught him for nine weeks. I feel he taught me too! I count Drew among my friends.

How would you describe the candidate’s dedication and commitment?

Drew consistently displayed a high level of dedication to everything he did. He frequently pulled long nights working group projects and really poured his whole self into his teams. He always arrived on time and served as an excellent example of a great student due to his diligence.

What motivates this candidate?

I can’t speak for Drew exactly, but I believe that learning and helping motivate Drew. Frequently I saw Drew demonstrate a curiosity that drove him to learn above and beyond what we gave him. I also frequently saw Drew volunteering his time to help people around him who needed help.

How would you rate the candidate’s communication skills?

I found Drew an effective communicator. Perhaps we could encourage him to raise his voice more, as he always has valuable contributions, and he never dominates a conversation or butts in. He has a very patient conversational style and I find him an excellent listener.

How would you rate their teamwork skills from 1-10?

10, by far. He gets along well with all his teammates, and he works so hard that he inspires people around him to do their own best.

Would you hire / work with this person again?

I would absolutely hire Drew if I had the resources to. I would love to work with him again.