Nice things people have said about me that I can read when I get discouraged:

“I’m grateful for having a great teacher like Bunday and I’m sad to see him go.”

“I am glad to have had Bunday as an instructor. I really enjoyed all the lessons and help he had provided. Very knowledgable about each topic and pushed our learning process along the correct path.”

“I’m grateful for Bunday as an instructor. He not only taught us specific lessons but expanded to larger picture ideas and conversations.”

“our amazing teacher. He’s the kind of person I want to be - enlightened, wizardly, meditative. When we watched that Gus van Sant short I was really stoked!”

“Bunday is an amazing teacher. I wouldn’t change anything about how he taught phase 1.”

“I’m grateful for having a great teacher like Bunday and I’m sad to see him go.”

“I am glad to have had Bunday as an instructor. I really enjoyed all the lessons and help he had provided. Very knowledgable about each topic and pushed our learning process along the correct path.”

“I am grateful for a week off that I will use wisely by prepping for the next phase. I am thankful for the way Bunday taught this phase this time around.”

“I’m grateful for Bunday as an instructor. He not only taught us specific lessons but expanded to larger picture ideas and conversations.”

“Bunday, you’re a @$%&ing boss. I wish I could have asked you more questions, but with only a week left it’s kinda late. Had I done so from the beginning, maybe I would have been more confident in my thought process and logic applied to code.”

“Appreciate the instructors. Sam and Bunday are great programmers, kind people, and care for the group’s progress.”

“They are putting in the time and I respect that. I see that Bunday sometimes sends pull request comments long after the day is over.”

“Matt Bunday gave extremely thorough feedback in Phases 1 and 2, and set the bar high for us. I think he set us up for a much easier time in Phase 3 and I’m grateful for the strong foundation he gave me.”

“bunday is the man.”

“Matt Bunday and Steven Harms. The talk on Thursday about quantum computers blew my mind.”

“My cohort and my caring instructors: the law firm of Bunday & Harms”

“Matt Bunday gave a fascinating talk about IIFE in JavaScript”

“Bunday & Steven Harms are an awesome combo for teaching JavaScript, and I’m really enjoying the interplay of their teaching styles.”

“I am grateful for Bunday and Steven Harms for being such great leads and explaining concepts until we are able to understand it.”

“Also the sense of wonder in Bunday and Harms is inspiring.”

“Bunday! Lectures were much different without him and I really value his teaching style and how much I learned when he lectured.”

“Also, Bunday is an amazing teacher.”

“Bunday! He is awesome!”

“Having Bunday as a teacher. He promotes critical thinking while providing enough support to get us to understand the challenges and the core concepts. Also, his zen keeps my stress levels down and it is a nice refresher when working on challenges all day.”

“Bunday is really good at explaining mathematical concepts, which is helpful to me because I’m not very good at math.”

“Bunday, please come to Phase 2 with us!”

“Thank you, Bunday”

“and Bunday’s awesomeness as instructor of code and life.”

“Bunday! He has shown tons of dedication and has helped me a lot with his feedback and answering all my questions. His teaching style is great.”

“Matt Bunday is an amazing teacher”

“I enjoy learning from Bunday and look forward to the additional time.”

“I’m grateful to Bunday for taking time on Thursday to talk to us about his experience at Sailthru.”

“I appreciate that Bunday and Alex gave time to teach extra-curricular technologies Meteor and Swift outside of core hours.”

“Bunday’s daily lectures Bunday’s videos Whatching Bunday’s videos on speed 2 on youtube”

“Bunday’s thoroughness in lecture, and his and Sam’s ability to answer the exact questions that I am asking. ”

“I’ve also realized that Sam and Bunday are a really good combo.”

“Matt Bunday for a great lecture on Meteor thursday.”

“My teachers, Sam & Matt have been super helpful and supportive and the coaches have been excellent. Thank you all!”

“Bunday and Sam’s awesome lecturing and dedication to teaching us coding. This week I felt like in addition to explaining things well, both at different points suggested I go research or look up a topic somewhere.

I feel like that approach helped me a lot in terms of teaching me how to teach myself. I am realizing that DBC will help give me not only technical coding knowledge, but the sort of self-awareness and self-teaching we’ve been talking about all along.”

“I’m really glad Bunday put his lectures up on talks because he give a lot of information but he does it really fast. ”

“In phase 2, I often reskimmed Bunday’s lectures which was super helpful. Maybe it was necessary/possible because Matt moves really quickly and we had the 2-week break to do that, but it was great reference. It would great if more teachers did that.”

“Sam and Matt are a really good team.”

“grateful for the awesome learning i received in phase 2. Bunday was a great phase 2 lecturer, i enjoyed his live coding.”

“I’m grateful for Bunday’s videos on talks.devbootcamp.”

“Also, I am really really grateful for Matt Bundy’s help coaching/teaching this week because we have a big group and there haven’t been enough coaches to help out. A lot of people in my cohort also used his lectures/videos/repos to learn how to do Sinatra so he was a really big help.”

“I am greatful for Matt being my phase instructor and sharing his wisdom with the group.”

“Matt B. - You are great. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, energy, and willingness to help.”

“I am grateful for the effort Chris, and Bunday are making to the Fiddler Crabs in Phase 1!”

“I would love for Bunday to bring to fruition his idea of teaching Martial Arts at DBC!! It’s a dream I have and I know the space will benefit tremendously from it. ”

“Bunday’s generosity of sharing his stuff with us crazy students.”

“speak with some of our exemplary instructors such as Matt Bunday and Stephen Cassidy in depth about their teaching styles and what has worked for them.”

“Matt Bunday. His lectures are to the point and really fits my learning style.”

“I enjoy learning about Bunday’s life philosophies.”

“Bunday’s super quick feedback - his code helped me a lot to tackle the challenges, even I typed his code, it helped me a lot to understand how Sinatra works. Also the code review helped me a lot to find out what went wrong.”

“Matt is very good one-on-one, though, and has been willing to help. Thank you.”

“Matt is a model educator. He believes that learning is not just the bestowment of knowledge but the training of mindset and skill. He truly taught me “how to fish” so I can continue to grow as a web developer.

Matt also possesses a rare combination of soft and hard skills that he uses to masterfully navigate his students through the tough weeks at Dev Bootcamp. His ability to gauge your knowledge and tell you what you don’t know is priceless to a student. And if you are slacking, he will let you know, kindly of course. I have not had a teacher in recent times that takes as much care as Matt does in understanding what a student needs and then tailoring his approach to best help a student. I am proud to call him a mentor and a friend.” — Peter Ching

“Matt’s new challenge for this week was excellent. It was very thoughtful and did a great job incorporating concepts we’ve been utilizing. In completing it I felt like I was doing something new, and while it was challenging I never felt overwhelmed nor disengaged. Thank U Matt.”

“Matt being such an approachable, intelligent phase coach! Always so quick to help, and an abundant plethora of knowledge. Definitely enjoyed being taught by him in Phase 2, and I HOPE HE STICKS AROUND DURING HIS NT TIME TO HELP WITH OUR FINAL PROJECTS :D.”

“Matt brings love and deep caring to each student every day and is ready to back up teachers on integrity and culture with his ninja ways. Luv.” Rebecca Miller-Webster

“Matt, you have been not only an amazing teacher, but an amazing mentor and friend to us all. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you and appreciate everything that you have done for us these past 9 weeks. We will miss your incredible insight and guidance. We <3 you!!! <3, team Safely”

“Matt is a fantastic teacher who repeatedly showed he was willing to go the extra mile to prevent any students from falling behind. The depth of his programming knowledge always left me confident that he could direct me toward the best solution to the problem at hand.” — David Kerr

“Happy Birthday, Matt. Thanks for all your support, you represent the parts of DBC I like and respect. Also, you’re just plain cool.” — Christine Feaster

“Happy Birthday to the coolest teacher ever! Enjoy your day!” — Chantelle Turnbull

“Matthew was our cohort lead at Dev Bootcamp, and was a supportive and effective teacher, mentor, and guide as we worked to become jr developers.” — Natalie Baer

“One thing that you are grateful for.”

“Instructors that care so deeply about the program and its students.”

“The instructors are great people, and the DBC immersive culture is super useful for learning. Thanks! Also, endless teddy grahams are a blessing. And Sara. And rerun rackup.”

“I’m grateful for my cohort’s instructors — Matt and Tanner. They are both awesome, technical, and passionate about helping us learn the material. Thank you!”

“having tanner and matt as my teachers, matt is a zen master and tanner is all around an awesome dedicated teacher”

“For a teacher like Matt! Everyday I can honestly say that I am inspired by him and I don’t think I’ve ever said that about anybody. He’s not only a great teacher, but a humble and patient one ALL the time.

On Thursday we had EE with Matt who introduced us to “The ‘L’ Word”. This was a fantastic EE session where had the opportunity to discuss discrimination we have faced individually and to share it with a group. It was the only other time in other than week 3, where I actually felt the most empathetic for those around me.

I would suggest that this EE session with Matt should be replaced with the first week’s regarding “sexism” because it seemed that the way the first session was presented brought a lot of division into the group, especially for a group of people who don’t really know each other very well. “Sexism” is an important topic to discuss, but it was presented to us in such a way that women and only women in tech experience it, which is obviously false. An EE that is more relatable, less biased, and presented with no anecdotal and nonsensical examples would be a much better introduction to engineering empathy in my opinion.”

“Matt led an impromptu EE to this effect which everyone loved and found very valuable. It also felt more in the spirit of the other, more ‘intense’ EE sessions.”

“I sometimes look around and there aren’t any teachers around to help. I think having more people around to help would be great! I also wanted to comment on the first EE session we had about sexism in tech. We did that EE again in a different way with Matt and I thought that was done much better. We went around the circle talking about how discrimination has affected each one of us. It helped us bond more as a cohort and enabled us to view the topic from many different lenses. When I first did that EE, I was a bit apprehensive to share my views and I almost felt like certain views were really being pushed down our throat. That wasn’t the case when we did it again.”

“Matt did a great EE on discrimination and compassion last week. I felt it dealt with what the sexism EE was pointing to, but for everyone, rather than just one subset of people who deal with discrimination.”

“I want to specifically touch on the sexism EE (the first one in Phase 1) in comparison to “The L Word” (most recent EE), taught by Matt Bunday. The L Word in my opinion is a considerably better alternative to the sexism EE. The former EE focuses on the concept of all differences between people rather than a specific difference (e.g. gender), which made the L Word easier to relate to and a better experience. Additionally, this EE was not divisive like the sexism EE and left everyone feeling quite good. Matt encouraged all students to say “I love you” after each one of us shared a time we had been discriminated against. From listening to other students, I learned the depth and breadth of different kinds of discrimination and felt enlightened at the end of the hour. In comparison, the sexism EE was difficult for me to relate to and I left that EE feeling as though my time had not been well spent. I encourage DBC to replace the sexism EE with Matt’s “The L Word” and would be glad to discuss further for anyone who wants a more in depth explanation.”

“Matt & Sam have also be around to helps out when we can get there attention.”

when :ken
  "Thanks for not only instilling your vast knowledge upon us, but also always trying to bond with us as a friend and fellow geek. Kick the next phase 1's ass. >:)"
when :kevin
  "You're an awesome resource to learn from and I highly respect your knowledge. You've piqued my interest in having my own server to run stuff on. Thanks for teaching/hanging out with us!"
when :indigo
  "You're obviously a pro, Matt. And unflappably cheerful. Keep on smiling, man."      
when :jake 
  "Pro is a word brashly over-used in our expert-laden society, yet never have I seen a person better encompass the true meaning of the word professional. Thanks, #liquidhearth" 
when :tim
 "You're way cooler than you give yourself credit for. Let me know if you get that D&D group started, ya heard?"
when :danielle
  "I know you're new at teaching, but I've learned so much from you that I wouldn't have otherwise. Thanks for being awesome! (Please follow us to Phase 2.)"
when :greg
  "I'm amazed at how calm you are while at the same time extrememly excited about teaching. p.s. Bring your MTG cards in some day!"
when :dave
  "You're a super chill code wizard who managed to always raise my confidence level in my work and you've inspired me to delve more into the open source world!"
when :vic
  "Don't forget how awesome you really are and don't stop teaching! Thank you for all of the help and patience during these past three weeks when I kept harassing you with questions and errors in my code."
when :kennedy
  "Working with you these past few weeks have been awesome! Thanks for everything!"
when :raghav
  "I love you man"
when :judy
  "Thanks for everything, Ninja Matt!"
when :joe
 "You're a great teacher...many thanks for all the help!"
when :natalie
when :jess
  "I aspire to be a ninja like you."
when :john
  "You have a fish officially replaced the Dos Equis man as the most interesting man in the world."
when :kai
  "Your views inspire me."
when :chantelle
"Thank you for all your help, I appreciate you."
when :dinesh
"You are a freakin genius."