Erica Du

Charlotte Wang’s 6th grade best friend from Minnesota.

She attended a Chinese school for several years, which taught only simplified characters.

As a child she felt very driven to get straight As and follow a conventionally successful path.

She has a brother: Charles Du.

Her father cheated on her mother, and Erica didn’t find out until 15. Lately her dad has made a huge transformation over a year span of time.

She loves to bake bread, and thinks of starting her own bakery one day. She doesn’t feel especially attached to tech in the long term, but does feel grateful to start her career in it.

Sun Oct 22 2017

She works at Palantir. She has a boyfriend named Dan, who has started to learn Chinese.

Sun Jan 28 2018

Apparently considering breaking up with Dan?

Mon Feb 05 2018

Broke up with Dan.