Existence Reconsidered

Is considering our place in the universe any less important than what it means to be conscious? Defining consciousness is a semantics game: I don’t presume to know how or why human consciousness is different than turtle consciousness.

But I know the scope of what we can think and feel seems seemingly limitless. Every moment in time my consciousness seems to me a little more different and nuanced, shaped by new information and experiences -> really, new data.

Others seem able to affect it in real and significant ways. Just the other day I saw a lecture on dynamic programming. The lecturer made me truly reconsider a number of subjects and brought me into another mode of consciousness. I wondered what his consciousness might be like.

Life as an exploration of consciousness is exciting for me. I wonder what I will feel in the next present moment and in the future. I also know the exact present moment and after it can affect what consciousness will be like in the future - a knowledge of the inner workings of a machine and willingness to explore such machine, for instance, would seem to give you new modes of consciousness related to this machine world.

I wonder a bit why it is that other people I know do not seem interested in their own explorations of their own consciousness. Seem being a key word. Maybe their means of exploration are just different - in fact, I’m sure they’re different, because of the infinite spectrum of ways to experience infinite new consciousness.