Feb 22 2017

Right when I got up I got right to working on Zwiki, and I must say I have it in a pretty good place now considering that I have started to use it like right now.

I did a session with Missy in the morning.

Then I met with Veronica over Skype and we talked about technology and she taught me some new vocabularly. I will meet her on Tuesday next week. I need to practice writing with the vocabularly she has taught me.

After that I worked Zwiki a whole lot more. And then I met with Missy again.

After meeting with Missy I didn’t have very much time and felt a bit lethargic, but I worked a bit more and got exports working on Zwiki and then I went to Connections at Balanaced.

This night Ashley Spivak lead a discussion of sex and intimacy.

In my group I had Morgante Pell and Philip and Sue and Huaming (?).

I saw Jasdev again.

I met a cool guy named Dennis Sarkozy.

I saw Melissa Schwartz and Charlotte Wang.

Afterwards Daria Jung, Charlotte, and Morgante and I all went to Saigon Shack.

I did not do any AltSchool work today, which I will need to take care of tomorrow.