Friendsgiving 2017

Mon Nov 27 2017

All in all a very nice day indeed. Charlotte Wang came over around 12:30 and we all started cooking together and caught up. Charlotte told us that she had taken a lot of photos of sheep, and that she felt she needed to focus on REALM more at work.

Joshua Chang showed up later, around 4:30. We got to meet a friend of his, whom it seems like he has started to date, Sean-Patrick William O’Brian

Charlotte and Joshua both made salads, and Charlotte baked macaroons too. I worked on making macaroni and cheese.

Amber Gamma and Kara Ansett showed up on their bikes. Amber made brussels sprouts and Kara made a corn pudding.

Chris Kapsaroff and his lady Meghan came a little later because they drove in from Connecticut.

Shy Ruparel showed up way towards the end, after a lot of people had left already and Charlotte had started to head out.

We made a lot of music and merriment. Josh played on the piano, and we busted out my drums and people had a great time playing with those too.