Goals Prototype

  • ☐? Autosaving of goals while editing
  • ☐Behavior of assign buttons, disable until selected
  • ☐Behavior of forms? Disable until the goal before has gotten created?
  • ☐Getting permission from DKane and Hannah to push this through
  • ☐Getting a review from someone
  • ☐Getting the backend changes through
  • ☑Setup permissions on the backend (done? not sure about student assignments)
  • ☑Setting up feature flags appropriately
  • ☑The unit query needs to change based on the feature flag. Perhaps we can encapsulate this within the subquery logic itself.
  • ☑Reassignment of students when moving between buckets
  • ☑Style the goal selector in a non-ugly way
  • ☑Arrange where the goal selector will actually go in the Unit overview screen
  • ☑Let’s do this as a modal, with a button in the unit overview.
  • ☑When creating a goal assign all the students selected for the bucket to the goal
  • ☑Goal assignment logic can get a bit tricky. Let’s first work on loading people into the correct buckets at the beginning.
  • ☑Loading of students into the right buckets on initial load


  • ☑How does Ember handle relationships? Can we simply add students to and from? I doubt it, but we can work on StudentAssignments on the Goalv2 level, I believe.