Hackathon Presentation



Huge thanks to Hasnain Vohra, Thomas Schaffner, and Andrew Jang!

Demo checklist!

  • (♥) Quick switcher.
  • (♥) Link autocompletion.
  • (♥) Quick editing.
  • (♥) Revision history and differ.
  • (♥) Word, sentence, paragraph, section navigation.
  • (♥) E-Prime helper.
  • (♥) Journal.

This project is awesome.

Sample prose!

Meditation changed my life. Given a chance it might change your life too. I find psychology and programming much more closely related than most people realize; these metaphors reveal considerable powers of mental flexibility and extension, research this yourself.

I didn’t realize for twenty years that I couldn’t find happiness in external circumstances. The key to happiness, the ‘philosopher’s stone’, lies within your capacity to change your thoughts. Once you can choose to feel happy under any circumstance you become free, no one can hold sway over you in that state. With what carrot do they lead you? With what stick do they beat you? Like Jesus or the Buddha, you too can become mentally pervious.