Helios Orphic Hymn

Hear me, O blessed one,
eternal eye that sees all,
Titan radiant as gold,
Hyperion, celestial light,
self-born, untiring,
sweet sight to living creatures.
On the right you beget dawn,
on the left you beget night,
you temper the seasons
as you ride your dancing horses,
you rush, you rush very swiftly,
O fiery and bright-faced charioteer,
you press on your course
in endless whirl.
Harsh to the impious,
you teach good to the pious
as you hold the golden lyre,
the harmony of cosmic motion,
as you command noble deeds,
as you nurture the seasons.
Piping lord of the world,
fiery circle of motion,
life-bringing, coruscating,
life-giving, fruit-bearing, Paian,
eternal and pure father of time,
O immortal Lord,
you are the clear, you are the brilliant,
you are the all-encompassing cosmic eye,
both when you set and when you shine
your lovely and radiant light.
A paragon of justice,
O water-loving lord of the cosmos,
you guard pledges and ever the highest,
you do help all.
Eye of justice and light of life,
O charioteer,
your screaming whip
drives the four-horse chariot on.
Hear my words and show
life’s sweetness to the initiates.