Thank U Stephen Estrada for nominating me for the ALS ice bucket challenge.

“ALS cases are estimated at 1.2–4.0 per 100,000 individuals in Caucasian populations with a lower rate in other ethnic populations.[71]” (Wikipedia)

I have decided to disregard the ALS and instead donate $100 to the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative, rated as one of the most effective charities by

“The disease is found in tropical countries in Africa, the Caribbean, eastern South America, Southeast Asia and in the Middle East. In these areas as of 2010 it affects approximately 238 million people[25] 85% of whom live in Africa. An estimated 600 million people worldwide are at risk from the disease.[6] Worldwide an estimated 12,000[5] to 200,000 people die related to schistosomiasis yearly.[6]” (Wikipedia)

If U’ve got limited money, I think U should donate to causes that’ll have the greatest impact on overall human wellness. Schistosomiasis Control Initiative might suffer from poor marketing but it has a proven track record of effectively delivering treatment to afflicted individuals.